Finding Inexpensive Home Decor: Places and Tips

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If you follow a few simple tricks, it is possible to create an upscale look using inexpensive home décor.

Places to Buy Inexpensive Home Décor

When you are decorating on a budget, make Target your first stop. This low cost department store offers great design at reasonable prices. Target's concept, "Design for All," takes high end designers and works with them to create high value, low budget items. World-renowned architect Michael Graves makes appliances and household basics for the store. Furniture designer, Sami Hayek, makes bedding and office furniture for the big box retailer, and Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic line includes designs for bedding, nursery items and slipcovers for the masses. Target carries frames, wall décor, window treatments, pillows, slipcovers and lighting that are all reasonably priced and will spruce up any interior.

For an extensive mix of inexpensive home décor items from accents, to barstools, to end tables, check out the Home Decorators Collection catalog.The Home Decorators Collection sells everything from window treatments, to rugs, to sink cabinets - all at reasonable prices.

Yard sales, thrift stores and estate sales are also great places to purchase items for your home. Look for sturdy wood items such as chairs, tables and bureaus at yard and estate sales. These pieces can be used "as is" or refinished with a coat of fresh paint to create an eclectic or cottage chic look. Thrift stores tend to carry more modern pieces such as lamps, chairs and tables. Avoid purchasing used upholstery as it may not be clean and stains and rips can be difficult to repair.

Inexpensive Home Décor Tips

Beyond shopping at value retailers or scouring flea markets for treasures, there are other ways to achieve an upscale look on a budget. For example, the biggest impact you can make in any home is on the walls. A fresh coat of paint can completely transform a room. If you opt to do the painting yourself, your costs will be minimal but the results will be huge. Add a bold, dark color to create a regal look. Or go for a light, sunny color to make a room feel bigger than it actually is.

House plants are another way to decorate an interior with very little money. You can pick up plants at local nurseries, home improvement stores or supermarkets. Whether you prefer ficus trees, cactuses or ivy, house plants can brighten up any décor. You can even load up on houseplants and forgo any other accessory and your interior will look complete.

Mirrors and candles are the other two items to purchase if your goal is inexpensive home décor. Grouping many inexpensive mirrors on the wall or lots of candles on a table gives a room visual interest, texture and light. A grouping of mirrors can be just as interesting as a professional painting. Likewise, a mix of candles in different sizes and colors make a beautiful focal point in any room.

Focus the majority of your budget on key investment pieces such as sofas, hutches and beds. Use these better pieces as the starting point for your room décor, and then accessorize them with great colors, beautiful plants, and inexpensive accessories.

There is no reason to sacrifice style when your interior decorating budget is tight. With a little bit of planning and a lot of creativity you can create a beautiful interior without deviating from your financial plan.

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Finding Inexpensive Home Decor: Places and Tips