Interior Decorating with Dark Floors: Making It Lively

Dark Metal Floor

Interior decorating with dark floors may feel like a challenge in keeping the room from appearing too dark. A dark floor can have many advantages, including the ability to embrace several interior decorating schemes.

Using a Dark Floor

Floor coverings come in a wide range of materials, colors and tones. Rugs, tile, hardwood and laminates are all available in dark tones and colors. There are many times when a dark floor can benefit a space, or open the door to several design possibilities.

Tall Walls and High Ceilings

Rooms with tall walls and high ceilings can really benefit from a dark floor. The dark color can help to ground the room, drawing the attention downward and evening out the space visually. Selecting a warm, dark color can also have the effect of making the room appear cozier and less cavernous.

Dirt Disguise

Homes with animals, small children or homeowners with dark hair may find that some areas of the home will really benefit from a dark floor. Dark floors in bathrooms, mudrooms and kitchens can help to hide dirt, spills, stains, hair and fur. For busy homeowners with a lot going on, a dark floor can hide a multitude of sins.

Accent Background

If you've decided to inlay tile, a medallion or decorative border into your floor, a dark background color can help show off this detail to great effect. If the eye is being focused and drawn elsewhere, a dark floor can help fade into the background.

Modern Design

Modern designs and modern floors can really benefit from the use of a dark floor. Oversized tiles in chocolate browns, metal tones and blacks, and dark, wengé wood floors have a sophistication that really complements modern design.

Interior Decorating with Dark Floors

If you've chosen to use a dark floor in your home, or the home you live in has dark colored floors already installed, you may be wondering how to complement them. Depending on the room and the look you are after, there are several ways you can make the most of a dark floor.

Kitchen Designs

If you have a dark floor in the kitchen, create a color story for the whole room which plays off of it. For example, a dark, chocolate colored floor would work well with light cabinets glazed with a dark color, and a countertop with a chocolate colored fleck, such as Giallo Ornamentale granite.

A dark green floor can use warm, cream toned cabinets and a lighter shade of green on the counters, like Coast Green granite. Pick up some darker accents in the backsplash that include all three colors to complete the design.

Bathroom Designs

If you are using a dark colored floor in your bathroom, keep the mid level items, such as vanities and fixtures light in color. Pick up the dark floor color in a border that runs at either wainscot or shoulder height to anchor the design.

Bedroom Designs

A dark floor in the bedroom is the perfect background for a lot of rich color on the walls, window treatments and bed coverings. Select a full range of colors that have the same saturation, but a bright tone for a fun look, or create a sophisticated palette of lights and darks with hints of the floor color in the accents.

Living Room Designs

A dark floor in the living areas of your home can set the stage for nearly any style of design. Make sure that the dark color gets picked up again and again in wall borders, throw pillows and rugs, as well as wall art while keeping the background colors light or bold.

Embrace a dark floor and incorporate its color or tone into other areas of your home's design, rather than trying to mask it. Interior decorating with dark floors can have a striking and beneficial effect when the floor is included in the overarching scheme of the room. Include a dark floor in your home's design, and bring a new level of style to your home.

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Interior Decorating with Dark Floors: Making It Lively