Beach House Interior Design Ideas: Beauty in the Details

Beach house

The best interior design ideas for beach houses revolve around the colors, textures and accessories of the sea and the seashore. Bright sunny colors, rough sand-like textures and interesting accessories that help to bring the outdoors inside are all essential elements to beach house design. Practicality, too, is important. Furnishings and textiles need to be sturdy enough to stand up to the salt air and wet bodies, as well as being attractive.


The colors of beach house decor reflect the sky, sea, sand and sunlight found at the shore. Bright sunny yellow and all shades of white help to bring the light indoors. Blues, from deep navy to vibrant azure, mirror the changing hues of the water. Taupe, ecru and shades of beige complement these colors and are reminiscent of the sand. Beach house design is light and airy, creating a relaxing oasis away from city life.

Interior Design Ideas for Beach Houses: Textures

The use of texture is a great way to add interest to a beach home. Traditionally, beach homes are less casual than their city counterparts and rough textured fabrics, such as tweed and even treated burlap help reflect this insouciance. Stones and pebbles, whether used in the bath, in the garden or as pathways around the house are another way to add texture to a beach house.

Of course, no beach home would be complete without adding at least a few seashells. Creative uses for the omnipresent and always interesting sea castoffs are under a glass top on a coffee table, as pathways around the house, and even set in countertops in the bath and kitchen.

Interior Design Ideas for Beach Houses: Furnishings

Furniture in a beach home must be stylish, yet sturdy. No fancy, drawing room furniture for a seaside home. Often, too, the furnishings must play dual roles, such as a coffee table with storage beneath it or a sofa that becomes a trundle bed for overnight guests.

Essential pieces for a beach home include a large kitchen/dining room table, big enough to seat the family and several guests. The table should allow you to eat fresh blue crabs, walleye, lobsters or other bounty from the sea without damaging the table or feeling uncomfortable. A large wooden plank-style table with simple chairs or benches is ideal.

Living room/family room furniture should also be sturdy and create a welcoming retreat for the family after a day outdoors. Using slipcovers for upholstered pieces is a great way to keep the sofa and chairs looking new in spite of continual wear. (Plus, you can easily switch them for a quick and inexpensive change of decor.)

Purchasing Beach Themed Furnishings

There are several retailers for beach themed furnishings that can complement your beach home, no matter what its style.


No discussion of interior design ideas for beach houses could leave out accessories. These are the fun elements. Nautical items, such as lighthouses, fishing nets, seaside pub signs and ships' wheels are all well suited for a beach home. Seashells, too, can be introduced in jars, under glass or in shadowboxes for a seaside effect. Larger shells can be set around the house as conversation pieces and as reminders of that special day at the sea.

Create Stylish Comfort

Beach house design can be fun and casual yet still look stylish. Use bright colors, interesting textures and add a few well-chosen and fun accessories for a comfortable, yet attractive beach home.The end result should be a place that is welcoming and informal, yet still stylish enough to impress the casual visitor.

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Beach House Interior Design Ideas: Beauty in the Details