Interior Design: Sports-Inspired Themes and Ideas

NBA/NFL sports theme den

People of any age or gender can have a passion for sports. Whether they're active participants or avid fans, sports enthusiasts often turn their passion into a lifestyle that's sometimes expressed in their interior design.

Basketball-Themed Office or Den

The NBA is a heavy hitter in the sporting world. Basketball fans are incredibly passionate when it comes to supporting their favorite team.

Decorate Walls With NBA Colors and Logos

NBA team colors work well for a basketball-themed office or den. If the primary color is too bright or dark for your taste, limit the color scheme to one accent wall, and perhaps paint it with the team logo.

Mount a small basketball hoop on the wall or over a doorway. When you need a break from work, you can shoot a few hoops with a foam basketball.

Home Depot carries Glidden Team Colors for the NBA and other sports.

Add Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is the obvious choice to make a basketball-themed office resemble the floor of a basketball court. Laminate flooring is a less expensive option which can give you the look of hardwood at a more affordable price.

Add Basketball-Themed Furniture

Accent your desk with a basketball-themed office chair. You might also want to embellish furniture you already have in your office with NBA accent pillows or a throw. Include themed pieces in a conversation area grouping, such as:

  • A basketball bean bag chair
  • A basketball vinyl chair with ottoman
  • A basket end table

You'll find basketball-themed furniture on eBay.

Finish the Design With Accessories

Finish the look in your basketball-themed office with some game-inspired accessories. Framed basketball wall art can be arranged in groupings with unifying elements such as color, composition and size. Use a basketball lamp for a desk lamp. A 3D basketball night light also makes an interesting accent light.

Vintage sports memorabilia items can add character and interest. Include items such as:

  • A vintage scoreboard
  • Vintage uniforms and shoes
  • Vintage leather basketball

You can find vintage basketball memorabilia at Antique Athlete.

Football-Themed Man Cave or Game Room

Purple Monkey Interios Football-themed game room

A basement can be a great space for a family game room or a man cave where guys or kids can get rowdy with their friends, and the noise will hardly be noticed upstairs. The rough-and-tumble contact sport of football is befitting of a room like this; enthusiastic fans watching the game can cheer their team on or yell at the referees when they make bad calls.

Paint Walls in Team Colors

You can get in the spirit by painting the walls in your favorite team's colors. However, depending on the team, this may not work well for the entire room. For example, if your favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers, painting all four walls black may leave the room feeling a little gloomy. In this case, you could do one wall in black with accents in gold, red, blue and white, or you could use one of these accent colors on the other three walls.

A game play wall is another option for an accent wall, and you can create one with chalkboard paint.

Glidden paint has NFL team colors to help you carry out your theme ideas.

Add Wall Decals

Embellish the walls in your football-themed game room with larger-than-life NFL wall decals. Add your favorite player in action or your team's logo. These peel-and-stick vinyl decals are reusable and won't damage the walls if you decide to reposition or remove them.

You can find NFL wall decals at Fathead.

Add Football-Inspired Furniture

Look for football-inspired furniture to complement the room's theme. Pieces might include:

Imperial NFL Team Logo Swivel Bar Stool from Wayfair
NFL Team Logo Swivel Stool
  • NFL Team Logo Swivel Bar Stool
  • An NFL recliner
  • A football-shaped chair with ottoman
  • NFL barstools
  • NFL end tables
  • A football bean bag chair

Walmart sells a vinyl swivel chair with matching ottoman, both shaped like a football. You'll also find a selection of football furniture at Wayfair.

Add Appliances and a Game System

This room should be equipped with a big screen television and adequate seating for guests to enjoy watching everyone's favorite team in action. Include a Wii game console so you can play some interactive football video games in the off season. A mini fridge also comes in handy for cold drinks. If the room will be for adults, you can take the design one step further and include a fridge as part of a home bar.

Complete the Theme With Accessories

You can hang curtains in team colors, or create a unique valence out of football pennants. Complete your football-themed room with a few accessories such as:

  • A football field area rug
  • Football lamps
  • Framed jerseys
  • Signs and plaques

Look for football field area rugs at American Floor Mats.

Baseball-Themed Family Room

Baseball is considered the great American pastime, and it's another wonderful theme for a sports-inspired room design.

Turn the Room Into a Stadium

Bring the ballpark into your family room with a baseball wall mural covering the wall behind the sofa. Invest in a large screen TV with a surround sound home theater system so it feels as if you and your kids are sitting in the stadium while you're watching the game.

At Murals Your Way, you can view baseball-themed murals in a virtual room to give you a better idea of how one will look in your home.

Add Baseball-Themed Furniture

The only downside of adding a baseball glove chair and a baseball ottoman to your family room is deciding who gets to sit in it. Other than a few overstuffed chairs and bedroom furniture for boys, baseball-themed furniture is more difficult to find than other sports-themed furniture. This means you'll have to get creative if you want a few more accent pieces in your family room.

You can try searching for handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces at flea markets and resale shops. If you have building skills, you can break out your tools and try creating a piece yourself, like the baseball bat table one creative mother made for her son at Love of Family and Home.

Check out Sears for baseball-themed chairs.

Add Accessories to Complete the Theme

Once your family room is equipped with a baseball-themed wall mural and a few pieces of furniture, all you need to do is add some baseball-themed accessories for a comfortable space that shows your family's love of this all-American sport. Focal points, such as baseball memorabilia displayed in cases or glass-enclosed shadow boxes, add a touch of class to your collection. You can also accent the room with other baseball-themed items like:

  • A clock
  • Framed wall art
  • Pennants
  • Lamps
  • Signs

The official MLB shop online carries baseball memorabilia, as well as other baseball-themed collectibles and accessories. Browse Amazon for even more baseball-themed decor.

Other Sporting Ideas

Follow your passion when it comes to a sports-themed room. Don't overlook individualized sports, such as:

  • Martial arts
  • Wrestling
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • Billiards
  • Rodeo
  • Tennis

The list could go on and on. Sport themes tend to be very personalized decorating schemes that may lack intensity and interest if they're not backed up by a passion for the subject.

Keep Your Sports Design Fresh

You can blend a sports theme into practically any decorating style. Just remember not to over clutter your room. This can be challenging when you have a growing collection of things you love. Rotating your décor keeps the look fresh and helps cut down on clutter.

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Interior Design: Sports-Inspired Themes and Ideas