Interior Design for Your Bedroom: 8 Tips to Make It Pop

dark and cozy master bedroom

The bedroom is a personal retreat, a place of relaxation, romance and an area where one can express their own unique sense of style and personality. Overall, your bedroom should be a reflection of you.

Before you begin picking out the elements you want for your bedroom, think about what the room will primarily be used for besides sleeping.

  • Will this room be a place of privacy where you go to escape from everyone else?
  • Will your room be more of a social place where family gathers to watch movies or play video games?
  • Will your room also serve as a home office where you bring work home or you manage your online business?


One theory for bedroom colors states that they should be tranquil and peaceful. However, the color scheme you choose for your bedroom is more of a matter of personal taste. If you prefer a darker, quieter room, you can paint the walls in darker colors such as midnight blue, mocha or violet.

On the other hand, you may prefer a lighter, brighter bedroom. In this case, you may want to consider pastel colors such as pale yellow, mint green or light blue. Another good idea is to pick up accent colors found in your bedding or window treatments to help tie everything together.

light and airy master bedroom

Carry your color scheme and design elements into the master bath for a coordinated look that flows from one room into another.

You don't have to stick with just one color for the walls in your bedroom. You can paint one wall a different, contrasting color or you can paint two walls in one color and the other two walls in a different color. Another way to add contrast is by using a wallpaper border along the top of each wall or create the border at chair height.

Also, don't forget the ceiling in your bedroom. You can add color here as well to give the room a more intimate feel .


A common mistake many homeowners make is putting large bedroom furniture in a small room. Putting a huge king sized bed and gigantic dresser in a small bedroom will overwhelm the room, making it appear cramped and cluttered. Large furniture should only be put in master bedrooms or bedrooms with enough area to accommodate oversized furniture.

If you have a small guest bedroom, don't try squeezing a queen size bed into the room. Choose a full-sized bed for a small guest bedroom. You may want to try putting the dresser in the closet of a small room to create more space.

If your master bedroom has a lot of extra space, you can place a storage chest or bench at the foot of the bed. You can also create a small sitting area off to one side with a comfortable chair and ottoman. You may want to include a desk for tasks such as writing or computer work.

Many people enjoy relaxing in bed while watching television or movies. A great option for a bedroom entertainment center is a TV armoire that can store your TV, DVD player, game system or home theater system. When not in use, you can close the cabinet doors, turning the armoire into an attractive piece of wood furniture. You can use a computer armoire to store your home office components, completely out of sight as well.


You may want several lighting options for a bedroom. A wall sconce or overhead light can supply general lighting to the room. Put a lamp on each night stand on both sides of the bed for individual tasks you and your partner may enjoy doing in bed such as reading, sewing, crossword puzzles, knitting or working from laptop computers.

You may also want to add some mood lighting in the bedroom. This can be done with small string lights around a large mirror, small white lights on an indoor tree, lava lamps, or you can light scented candles for romantic mood lighting with a touch of aroma therapy.


The bed is the centerpiece, or focal point, of the bedroom. You should choose a style of bedding that sets the tone for the rest of the room. In addition to the style and color, you should also pay attention to the type of material the bedding is made from. For instance, if you have small children and pets that frequently visit your bed, silk or satin may not be the best choice for a bedspread or comforter. Also pay attention to the care instructions. Some luxury bedding must be dry cleaned only.


The décor you choose for your bedroom will add the creative and stylish elements that reflect your personality or interests. If you're an animal lover, you may choose art and décor with images of your favorite creatures or animal prints. You may prefer a theme for your room such as African, Asian or French country. Perhaps you are an eclectic decorator who likes mixing a little modern art with tribal artifacts.

Whatever your style is, just remember not to overdo it. Don't clutter your room with too much décor. Keeping everything clean and organized will help showcase the décor elements you choose for the most personalized space in your home-your bedroom.

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