7 Unique Interior Paint Ideas & Tips to Help Sell a Home

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When homeowners consider the resale of their home, many may say to themselves, "I'd like some interior paint ideas to help sell my home." If you are one of those people, you'll find that there are many ways that paint can help your home sell.

Paint and Resale

While paint won't necessarily affect the resale value of your home, it can have an impact on how quickly it sells. You can use paint to easily cover over an old color with a fresh color, but some potential homeowners may lack the vision to see past what's already on the wall. While intellectually, they may understand that they can cover over paint they dislike, too many rooms painted in jarring, trendy or out of place colors can quickly sour the enthusiasm of a potential buyer.

If you're considering repainting your home interior prior to resale, there are several pitfalls to watch out for, as well as several room painting ideas that will help to sell your home.

Interior Paint Ideas to Help Sell my Home

Before you start considering what paint tips will help you sell your home, you need to take a look at what to avoid. Take care you don't end up making one of these painting mistakes.

Trendy Colors

Nothing dates a room faster than a trendy paint color. Trendy colors are also appealing to relatively small percentages of the population at any given time. So while you may enjoy some of the hot new colors on the market, just remind yourself that Harvest Gold was once a trendy color as well.

Gender Colors

While it can be fun to paint your little girl's room a bright, bubblegum pink, when it comes time to repaint, instead choose a more gender neutral and sophisticated color. You don't know the family that may be moving in to your home and you don't want to put them off with too many masculine or feminine color choices in one space.

Out of Place Colors

If you've chosen soft pastels or neutrals for the majority of your home, and then selected a bold and out of place turquoise or bright yellow for one room, you could be turning people off. Interior rooms should have a flow through from one to the next, and an out of place color can feel like hitting a visual brick wall.

Other Considerations

What you should consider when painting your home interior for resale are the paint colors and styles that work with your home.

Architectural Style

Your home's architectural style can have a big impact on your paint color choices. Whether you live in an Arts and Crafts style home or a contemporary loft, there is likely a set of colors that were selected for the home's style by the pioneering architects. Choose from these colors to bring a feeling of unity to the design and help potential homeowners see your home's true potential.

Warm Colors and Tones

With the exception of extremely small or dark rooms, keep your color palette on the warm side in tone. Warm colors have a visual effect of feeling cozy and inviting, which are just the feelings you want to invoke in your potential home buyers. For smaller rooms, select a cooler toned color to avoid making the room seem even smaller than it really is.

Edible Colors

Many real estate agents suggest leaving arrangements of certain types of fruits, colors of throw pillows and picture frames scattered about. These colors are typically reds, greens and yellows and they are thought to have an effect on the brain of the potential buyer in the same way the smell of baking bread or cookies do. Take this one step further by using golds, burgundies and greens in your color scheme or your accent colors to make people feel at home.

Neutral Design

If the idea of color really isn't your thing, try a full palette of neutrals instead. Rather than just white or off white, paint rooms in varying shades of cream, tan and taupe with the occasional accent wall color thrown in for contrast. The key is not to make neutral feel generic or boring, but instead a color palette all its own.

Painting Your Home's Interior

If you've decided to repaint prior to selling, make sure you look at the potential colors in all lights and at all times of day before committing. The color you paint on a sunny day may look very different on a rainy evening some potential home buyers stop by, so be sure ahead of time.

Simply by considering the question, "Are there interior paint ideas to help sell my home" you are setting your home apart from the others on the market and giving it a boost with buyers. Create an environment that is suitable to the home and inviting to viewers and know you've given your home the best shot at a quick sale.

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7 Unique Interior Paint Ideas & Tips to Help Sell a Home