6 Impactful Kitchen Cabinet Colors That Are Timeless

Bright Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing kitchen cabinet colors isn't as easy as it sounds. Cabinets take up a lot of visual space, and the color you choose will likely end up being the dominant color in the room.

Over the years neutrals have been the most popular color choice for kitchen cabinets. Creams, whites, and different varieties of woods have been at the top of many kitchen designers' lists. That said, the sky is really the limit, so take your time and consider many different options before settling on a color for your kitchen cabinets.

When choosing a dominant color for the room, it's important to make sure that it compliments the other items in the room and is one that you really love. You don't want to do the job only to have to do it again in a little while because you've tired of the color.

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Colors

First thing's first. Think about what kind of mood you want to create. Do you prefer a light and bright room or something a little more dark and dramatic?

Take a look at interior design magazines and check out different kitchens. Get some ideas and see what works in those rooms and what doesn't.

When thinking about color choices remember to take into consideration the colors of the appliances, floors, counters, and walls. You'll want the kitchen cabinet colors to compliment and work with everything else.

Go to a paint store and pick up a few paint chips or samples. Take them home and see how they look in the room. You might be surprised that a color you thought you would love doesn't work in the room. Alternatively you might find that a color you weren't as crazy about looks great.

Try to narrow down your choices to three or four colors. Then purchase a small sample of each and paint a square of each on the existing cabinets. Live with it for a day or two and see how you feel about each one. Watch how the color changes as the sun moves across the sky and different light fills the room.

Possible Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

There are a lot of popular color choices for kitchen cabinets.

  • White is the most classic color for kitchens. It's fresh, clean, and works with just about every other color.
    White Kitchen Cabinets
  • Cream is great if you want a light neutral but feel that white is too sterile. It's slightly warmer than white and looks great with warm woods.
    Cream kitchen cabinets
  • Gray has become very popular in recent years as it's a great alternative to white. It looks particularly lovely when used in a room with stainless steel appliances.
    Gray Kitchen Cabinets
  • Brown kitchen cabinets have always been popular, and they come in a limitless number of shades. Whether you want your cabinets to look like pine, oak, walnut, or mahogany, brown is always a great option.
    Brown Kitchen Cabinets
  • Black is popular in urban and modern kitchens. It's dark and dramatic and combines well with a lot of other colors. Black cabinets work well when combined with white - it's one of the most classic color combos for kitchens.
    Black Kitchen Cabinets
  • Red, while definitely not neutral, has seen a rise in popularity in the last decade or so. It's not unusual to see red laminate cabinets mixed with white walls and counters.
    Red Kitchen Cabinets

While these are certainly not the only options, they remain some of the most popular color choices for cabinets. Keep in mind, though, that the sky is the limit when it comes to paint. Blue, green, yellow, purple - you name it and you can do it. Just make sure that the color works with the other items in the room. Also make sure to use a color you really love so that you won't quickly tire of it.

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6 Impactful Kitchen Cabinet Colors That Are Timeless