Living Room Themes

Sally Painter
Wicker furniture and colorful pillows

Living room themes can give your space a unique and fun look that you and your family can enjoy for some time.

All about the Ambiance

Any interior design will carry a certain ambiance throughout a room. This feeling is created by the way you put colors, textures, shapes, and designs together into a cohesive design. Aside from the obvious requirements you have for a well-put-together look, you also want to convey your personal style. This is achieved by the choices you make in furniture styles, fabrics, and window treatment. Accessory selection is the ultimate way in which you can personalize a room.

Deciding on Living Room Themes

Before you begin redesigning your living space, you may want to consider a few of the popular themes. You can check out various fabric patterns and furniture designs that repeat the theme and get a better idea of what's available. Once you've explored your options, you'll be ready to start putting your living room theme together.

Tropical or Island Flair

One way to get into the summertime mood is to redecorate your living room with a flair of the tropics. You can add as much or as little tropical elements to your room. Start with the floors. For a truly tropical look, go with bamboo flooring or a terra cotta tile. Paint the walls a warm melon or a restive green.

Rattan, Wicker, Teak, and Other Woods

You need to add a window treatment. Wood plantation shutters will give your room that exotic feel. Rattan or bamboo furniture can bring a feeling of nostalgia with a Trade Winds ambiance. If that isn't your style, maybe a dark or medium colored wicker set will inspire you. Teak furniture with thick colorful cushions and pillows will also carry you into an island mood.

Adding Personal Touches

Make sure you don't forget to add a nice area rug that will tie your room together. A tropical setting isn't complete without an overhead palm fan. Throw pillows are another great way to introduce the island feel to your living space. Select wood carvings and other island artwork. A few photos of a recent island vacation or paintings of the seashore with swaying palms can grace your walls and bring the tropics a little closer. Lamps are a must, and don't forget to add a bowl of your favorite seashells. You can set-up a bamboo screen in the corner and place an indoor palm plant in front of it. Now sit back and admire your décor, and you'll swear you can hear the ocean waves and the seagulls cawing.


Leather, cowhide, rustic wood furniture, and Western motifs will make you feel like you're at home on the Prairie. You have a wide range of furniture choices.

Elements of the High Desert Plains

Place a comfortable leather couch and a cowprint chair near a large rock fireplace to keep you warm during those chilly desert nights. A large cactus in the corner or a cactus tabletop arrangement can bring a touch of the desert inside. Mix in rustic furniture with hand-hewn end tables.

Color Is Everything

Color is one of your best design elements when it comes to a Western theme. Southwestern colors of aqua, yellow, brown, tan, and russet are just a few that will work in this décor.

Wall Art and Accessories

A polished longhorn over the fireplace or doorway will instantly alert guests that they've entered another world where cowboys and horses reign. A tamer symbol might be an oversized metal star. If you like whimsical items, then a set of spurs are a must for a great conversation piece. Native American blanket designs can be found in throws as well as area rugs to lend a feeling of authenticity to your room makeover.

Country and Americana

Some of the first things that might come to mind when you think country are quilts, pie safes, rocking chairs, and gingham fabric. Braided rugs are by far the most favorite choice of area rugs for this room theme. Red, white and blue are a great color scheme. Cotton is the fabric of choice. If you're a craftsperson, you can make a hooked rug, reminiscent of those pioneers made from scrap fabrics. Choose fabrics with various motifs such as pineapples, apples, stars, and farm animals. Duck decoys are a nice touch on an old dough table used for console table. Primitive art give your design a sense of the past and reflects a heritage specific to the America. If new flooring is in your budget, go for a wide plank flooring, like a knotty pine or rough distressed oak planks.


Romance will be a constant in your Tuscan-styled living room. This theme has been popular for several years and is still a strong favorite choice. Start with the walls and give them an old-world charm of stucco. This is easily done with various painting techniques from ragged wall to tinted joint compound. Whichever one you decide to use, remember that imperfection is the ultimate look to give you that authentic aged appearance. Go with warm colors like golden amber, blush orange or a faded green. Use stronger colors like reds and blues to accent your design. Replace your flooring with a terra cotta tile. If you want to add a personal touch and interest, place a few hand-painted tiles in between the floor tiles. Use tiles as the surround for your fireplace.

Large furniture with carved wood trimming is an excellent choice covered in fabric that repeats the colors you selected. Don't forget the added touches of throws, pillows, lamps, and art to carry your theme throughout the room.

Period Styles

Period style themes can be exciting themes that you can incorporate with other themes.

A few popular period styles:

  • Antebellum
  • Craftsman
  • Federal
  • Georgian
  • Louis XVI
  • Tudor
  • Victorian

Other Possible Themes

There are many other themes that you can use in your living room design. In fact, you may have a difficult time choosing just one theme. You may decide to combine a couple of themes to create your personalized and unique living room theme.

Living Room Themes