Loft Decorating Ideas To Bring Out the Artist in You


Many urbanites seek out loft interior decorating to satisfy their craving for artsy, industrial design. This stylish metropolitan style can be applied to homes in almost any setting.

Lofty Appeal

The most common site for a loft residence is in an old, refurbished building such as a warehouse or factory. These renovated spaces are portioned into apartment size loft dwellings which feature open floor plans and industrial chic décor. The original structure is left mostly intact to showcase the vintage flooring and brickwork. Large windows are another key component in loft spaces, since there is usually a city view.

Loft interior decorating is characterized by open ceilings with visible ducts, pipes, and support beams. These soaring ceilings are sometimes painted in a solid color to conceal such features and make them part of the ceiling. Some loft dwellers like to emphasize the location of these functional items by applying a paint color like red or yellow.

This type of sparse, industrial space works well with a contemporary or modern design style. Therefore, many city lofts are furnished with items made from natural yet sleek materials like stone, wood, stainless steel, and glass. The wide and tall walls in a loft apartment are the perfect backdrops for large paintings and gallery pieces. There is often a wall or two of exposed brick for a rustic contemporary feel.

Loft Interior Decorating Ideas

The typical open floor plan of a loft residence can be a challenge to furnish. The best approach is to form zones for each function needed in the space. This might include a living area, bedroom, home office, or dining room. These specialized areas can be created by using rugs or room dividers as visual anchors. Some popular modern room dividers include shoji screens, open shelving units, and fabric suspended from the ceiling. Furniture pieces like sofas, benches, or tables can also help define these rooms within the open space.

Consider adding storage wherever possible in your loft interior decorating plan. A mix of open and closed storage pieces is the most versatile. An entertainment center with doors and open shelves will give different options for storing and displaying items. Kitchen areas in a loft may be utilitarian and require the addition of cabinetry or pantry areas. Furnishings with dual uses and hidden storage space are another good idea. A wooden trunk can be used as a coffee table and house your board game collection.

The inclusion of funky design furniture can enhance the contemporary vibe of loft interior decorating. These interesting one-of-a-kind pieces come in curvy shapes and bold colors for instant appeal. Sheet metal wall décor is another unique idea which will play off the industrial elements in the loft space. Fill up those oversized walls by painting a canvas in one color, and you will add loads of modern pop without breaking the bank.


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Loft Decorating Ideas To Bring Out the Artist in You