Magnetic Chalkboard Paint: What It Is and Applying Process


Magnetic chalkboard paint puts an end to the struggle between children who long to give the walls their own artistic touch and parents who would prefer their home not be turned into a giant coloring book. Perfect for kids' rooms and game rooms, magnetic chalkboard paint is both functional, stylish and a lot of fun.

What is Magnetic Chalkboard Paint?

Magnetic chalkboard paint is paint that turns your walls into both a chalkboard and magnetic surface. The painted area can be drawn upon with chalk and decorated with magnets without damaging the surface of the wall. It's often used in children's bedrooms or game rooms/play rooms where kids can put it to good use away from the more formal areas of the home.

Some magnetic chalkboard paint comes as a single paint and some come in two part: one magnetic paint and one chalkboard paint.

How to Apply Magnetic Chalkboard Paint

Turning your walls into a magnetic chalkboard is a simple process even for novice designers. If you are using separate magnetic and chalkboard paint, here are the steps to follow to get the job done:

  • Prep the area to be painted by cleaning the wall, sanding down any rough spots and filling in any holes, so the final paint job looks smooth.
  • Use painters tape or masking tape around the edges of the space to be painted. The area is determined simply by how much room you want to provide for drawing and hanging things. Most people opt for marking off a small section of the wall, but there are no rules that say you couldn't even do a whole room if you wanted to. If you are doing this paint job with a child in mind, make sure the space you paint is easy to reach for them.
  • Start out with the coat of magnetic paint/primer. Be sure to use a foam roller for the painting. Use two coats at a minimum, letting each coat dry before applying a new one. Each coat increases the magnetism of the surface.
  • When the magnetic coats are completely dry, repeat the process with the chalkboard paint. Again, a minimum of two coats is usually required, but repeat until the desired color is achieved. If you are using a lighter color of chalkboard paint over the magnetic primer, you will require more coats. Be sure to let each coat dry completely before applying the next one.
  • After you have finished painting, let the job sit and cure for three days.
  • Before you use the chalkboard for the first time, color the entire surface with a piece of chalk (dragging the long side of a piece of chalk across the surface is the fastest way). Take a dry felt cloth and erase the chalk completely. Next, use a wet sponge and wash the entire surface. Allow to dry, and your magnetic chalkboard is ready to use.

If you are using a single magnetic chalkboard paint, simply use a foam roller to paint a minimum of two coats and proceed with the rest of the steps.

Note that if you cannot find magnetic paint or chalkboard paint, or if you can't find colors you like, you can make your own homemade versions. For magnetic paint, ask for a magnetic additive to your favorite color of paint at your local paint store or home improvement store. For chalkboard paint, add two tablespoons of unground tile grout to each cup of your paint color of choice. Homemade chalkboard paint dries very quickly and becomes thick and chunky, so you will need to work fast. Mix each coat separately and sand the walls between coats. Homemade chalkboard paint is not ideal for large painting projects.

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Magnetic Chalkboard Paint: What It Is and Applying Process