26 Resplendent Master Bathroom Design Ideas Fit for Your Style

Your master bathroom should repeat the same design theme found in your master bedroom.

Master bathroom designs can be as elaborate as your budget allows.

One of the Most Important Rooms

Your master bathroom is one of the most important rooms of your home in a resale market. Home buyers expect this room to be equally impressive as the master bedroom. New homes place many upgrades in the master bathroom, so if you have an older home and have decided to renovate your master bathroom, there are several things to consider as you begin to plan.

  • Can your master bathroom compete in the new housing market?
  • Is your master bathroom a showcase room?
  • Is your master bathroom large enough to be considered an adequate size?
  • Does your master bathroom look tired and in need of a facelift?

Design Process

Start with your new master bathroom layout plan. A new home is easier to design a room layout than an existing bathroom. However, you can still make changes to an existing bathroom, just remember there will be additional expenses for plumbing if you relocate fixtures like toilets, sinks, showers, and bathtubs.

Master Bathroom Designs

You'll want to carry the design theme from your bedroom into the bathroom by selecting a couple of design elements to repeat in the bathroom. You should incorporate the main color scheme from the bedroom into the bathroom.

  • Select three prominent colors from the bedroom and repeat in varying degrees in the bathroom.
  • Use color as an accent - Candles, flowers, pictures, and other accent pieces.
  • Accessorize your bathroom with similar styles used in the bedroom.

You want continuity from the bedroom into the bathroom so the two rooms appear as though they are connected and belong together. Design flow from the master bedroom into the master bathroom should be natural and expected.

If you have the ability to rearrange a layout that no longer works for your lifestyle, then designate specific areas of the bathroom for specific functions and tasks.

  • Do you take many tub baths or are you more a shower person?
  • Will the expense of a spa tub be a true value to you or would you be better served creating a large walk-in shower with multiple shower heads?
  • Do you need a vanity area in your bathroom or is there one in the bedroom or connector from bedroom to bathroom?


Bathroom floors have come a long way over the past years and you have more choices available to you:

  • Hardwood floor selections are easily used in bathrooms thanks to water resistant finishes.
  • Tile floors are still the most popular choice because of the outstanding look and wear. Tile floors are easy to clean and maintain.


Just about any wall treatment is acceptable for your new bathroom.

  • Paint
  • Wallcovering
  • Tile

Some bathrooms lend themselves to tile murals or vignettes. You can add a hint of romance to your design with texture and color.

Light and Bath Fixtures

This is where you can truly make a bathroom reflect your taste. You can go for traditional or step outside your comfort zone and create the bathroom of your heart's desire. Just remember that unless you're going to stay in the same home for the rest of your life, you need to place all upgrades and renovations under the resale value microscope. Don't select something that is so personal that no potential buyer will want it. Keep it uniform. If your bathtub has burnished bronze fixtures, then you'll want to use the same style on the sinks and show.


Lighting is important not only for function but also for style. If you have a window in your bathroom opt for a treatment that will give privacy but also allow natural lighting to filter into the room.

Lights over the sink and vanity should be in keeping with the overall design style. Make sure you pay attention to scale and size when selecting your light fixtures.

Luxury Bathroom: Features To Include

Whether you are building or remodeling, there are several features you'll want to include in your new master bathroom design.

  • Spa Tub
  • Separate Shower
  • Double Sink Vanity
  • Water Closet - Toilet separated from rest of bathroom
  • Linen Closet
  • Bidet

Ultimate Bathroom Features

If your budget is limitless, then you can splurge on some luxury master bathroom features.

  • Towel Warming Rack
  • Radiant Heat Flooring
  • Radiant Heat Walls
  • Floor to Ceiling Tile
  • Sauna
  • Fireplace
  • Television
  • Music Sound System

The Most Forgotten Element

You might get so wrapped up in the design project that you forget one of the most important design elements - towels.These help set the mood, style and color palette of your bathroom. Opt for a set of very plush and elegant towels and place in your bathroom. Buy extras in hand towel size to roll up and place throughout the bathroom to carry out the color scheme.

Making It All Work

Great master bathroom designs are accomplished by taking the time to plan each detail and making the right choice for your project.

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26 Resplendent Master Bathroom Design Ideas Fit for Your Style