Types of Mexican-Style Wall Hangings for a Vibrant Addition


Mexican-style art can the perfect complement to your home's Southwestern interior design.

Characteristics of Mexican Wall Hangings

Mexican artwork is a beautiful addition to most homes, particularly those decorated in the popular Southwestern style. Mexican pictures are noted for being particularly vibrant, and are characterized by rich colors and the use of texture. The country's art is noted for bold use of color and by ability to tell narrative stories about the Mexican people and landscape.

The Mexican culture is grounded in both tradition and religion, and elements of both are apparent in many pictures created by the country's artists. Since most of Mexico is situated along the coastline, ocean and beach images are often depicted by Mexican artists. The folk art style is commonly used in Mexican art. Other styles typical of Mexican art include cubist and impressionist.

Mexican Paintings

Art always adds a special touch to interior design. Fortunately for those who are searching for pictures to complete their interior design, Mexican paintings are readily accessible in the United States. Etsy carries an impressive selection of hand painted artwork with various themes from Mexican landscapes, to flora and fauna, Mexican family life, and more.


La Fuente Imports carries a variety of original folk art including bark paintings. You can order online, and they often offer steep discounts.

Mexican Prints

One of the most cost effective ways to bring Mexican Style interior design pictures into your home is with prints of Mexican paintings and photographs.

Art.com carries prints of many of Mexican masterpieces, including a large selection by Diego Rivera, Simon Silva, William Templeton, and others.

American artist Linda Paul is well known for her breathtakingly beautiful Mexican paintings of Mexican themed pepper and food still life images and impressionistic landscapes. Her prints, which are particularly appropriate for Southwestern kitchens and dining rooms, are available on stretched canvas that does not need to be framed. You can also select ready-to-frame posters, accent tiles, a kitchen backsplash, or a tile mural.

Photographic prints depicting the breathtaking scenery and people of Mexico can lend a sense of the real Mexico to your interior design. If don't like the folk art or cubist style typical of many Mexican paintings, you may prefer to incorporate photographs of Mexico into your home's décor.

Mexican Metalwork Pictures

A unique way to bring Mexican style interior design pictures into your home is through using Mexican metalwork to decorate your walls. Novica, an e-tailer specializing in handmade art from all corners of the world, carries and interesting selection of Mexican metalwork that includes iron images of Kokopelli, Geckos, the sun, and other Mexican themed decorative items.

Mexican Tiles

You can create your own wall hangings with Mexican tiles. In rooms where you don't want to introduce additional color or patterns, try grouping a series of terra cotta tiles together on one or more walls. You can purchase tiles at most home improvement warehouses and flooring stores. You can use tiles of varying sizes to create a custom design that blends perfectly with your interior design. This is one of the most creative, personal, and cost effective ways to incorporate an original Mexican style art element in your home's décor.

Selecting Mexican Style Art for Your Home

When selecting pictures to use in your home, make sure that they coordinate with your homes overall décor. There are many different styles of Mexican art, one or more of which is sure to be the perfect complement to your interior design scheme.

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Types of Mexican-Style Wall Hangings for a Vibrant Addition