Finding Modern Lamp Shades to Fit Your Lamps Just Right


Modern lamp shades can add the perfect contemporary touch to your interior. The good news is that there are a plethora of both table lamps and lamp shades online and in your local home design stores to give you exactly what you are looking for and at any budget, from high to low.

One of the key things to remember when looking at lamp shades is the size of the shade compared to the size of the lamp. Too big and your lamp will look silly and overpowered, too small and your lamp will look large and out of place. It is important to have exactly the right size, so take the measurements of your lamp base, from top to bottom and around, and approach your shade purchase armed with this information.

If you have a funny shaped lamp base or an unusual size, don't be afraid to look into custom built shades. They are not terribly expensive and are worth the extra money if you plan on keeping your interior design scheme for several years. If you are more of a quick-change-style type, you might want to stick with neutrals or basics and switch out your base as your tastes change.

Modern Lamp Shades and Lamps for Your Home

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Designed by iconic modern furniture designer George Nelson, the Bubble Lamp is one of the most popular contemporary pieces in the world of high-end furniture. Modernica, a company out of Los Angeles, reconfigured the design of the Bubble Lamp shade to accommodate other table or floor lamp bases. The shade references the original lamp while offering a contemporary reference to traditional shades.


With a name like, it is easy to find the right contemporary lamp shade for your home and your budget on this website. Particularly interesting is the Sonneman Lightweights Round Shade Cover, which is long, thin and looks a bit spaceage. The designer, Robert Sonneman, was one of the pioneers of modern lighting. His pieces, such as this, are modern classics, and today he continues to create innovative pieces for home design. The Sonneman Round Shade Cover comes in white, silver, red, blue, yellow or black.


Final Note

While finding the right size of shade for your lamp is paramount, the most important thing is to purchase something that you like, not just something that matches your interior design scheme. You have to live with the lampshade day in and day out, so shop around and purchase one at a price that you can live with. There is no point in buying a cheap shade just because it is inexpensive. You can find just about any style for any budget, so get out there and do your homework!

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Finding Modern Lamp Shades to Fit Your Lamps Just Right