Modern Railing Designs That Bridge a Divide Beautifully

Modern Stairs with Railing

Railings are an architectural detail that can make or break a stairway, and contemporary stairs deserve a beautiful modern railing design.

There are few items in a home that have greater impact than a beautiful staircase, and a great staircase without a great railing is like a little black dress without a great accessory. It looks alright, but appears to be lacking something. Railings add a degree of beauty and are very important in the world of interior design.

Stair railings offer designers and homeowners a great opportunity to be creative. They can personalize a space, make a statement, or blend in with the surroundings. There's a wider variety of railing designs available today than ever before, and almost endless options of styles and materials available.

Materials Used in Modern Railing Designs

Wood has and always will be a popular material for stairway railings, but modern railing designs come in several different materials. Metal, glass, and cable are among them.


Metals used for stair rails include steel, stainless steel, wrought iron, and aluminum. These materials are very good for their high weight to strength ratio and they require little to no maintenance. Metal railings are economical and can be bent and molded into different shapes and design patterns.

Stair Railing

Cable and Vinyl

Vinyl and cable railing materials are also very popular in modern design. They are made from durable, man-made substances that are long-lasting, without color fading or wear and tear.

Don't forget to think about safety. While cable railings look great in modern homes, they aren't the safest option if small children can fit through them. When it comes to homes with children safety considerations come first.


Glass is very popular for contemporary railing designs. Not only is it clean and streamlined, it allows for an uninterrupted view. This is why glass is becoming increasingly popular for use outdoors. A curved glass railing is particularly elegant.

The material used in staircase railings makes a huge difference in the look of the home, so think carefully before deciding on the right one.

Choosing a Modern Stair Railing

When choosing a modern railing design it's important to take into consideration the architecture of the house, the interior design style, and the lifestyle of the homeowner. The railing should compliment the décor and enhance the architectural style of the home. It should be pleasant in appearance and comfortable to use.

Stair Railing

Do some research and comparison-shopping before settling on a design. Take a look at interior design magazines and see what catches your eye. Look for homes similar in style to yours and see what kinds of railings are used.

Think about how each element in the railing can be used in the stair design. Different elements include the top and bottom rails, rail posts and rail supports. The supports are occasionally referred to as pickets or balusters. Modern designs frequently feature straight, streamlined pieces.

Where to Find Modern Railings

An Internet search will come up with a variety of railing manufactures. Have a look and see what appeals to you. Check out prices and find out what's available. Here are a few to get you started.

If you're still not sure what you want or what design will work best consider consulting an interior designer. Not only can he or she help you settle on a design, they can direct you to reputable manufacturers, and if you so desire, handle the purchasing and installation.

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Modern Railing Designs That Bridge a Divide Beautifully