30 Modular Home Interior Features + Tips for a Modern Choice

There are no design limitations for modular home interiors.

Modular Home Interiors Have No Design Limitations

Modular home interiors are customized to meet the homebuyer's unique requirements, and design elements found in modular home interiors are only limited by your imagination. The modular homes of today offer the homebuyer the opportunity to select from a wide selection of interior features that were previously found only in traditional custom building.If your taste in interiors include intimate fireplaces, a state-of-the-art multi-media room, elaborate great rooms or cozy living rooms and family rooms, a bright modern kitchen that sparks creativity and conversation, and spa-like bathrooms featuring Jacuzzis and extra-large showers, a modular home offers all this and substantially more. Modular homes are pre-fabricated in a climate-controlled factory, each module meeting specific size criterion, then transported by trucks holding up to two modules each. Once at the site, the modules are set onto the foundation by giant cranes.

This innovative and progressive building process allows modular home interiors to be assembled in the factory often by master craftsmen. The modules are primed, sealed, and painted a color of the homebuyer's choice in the factory, then fitted with most of the standard interior elements such as light fixtures, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, laminate countertops, carpet, and vinyl flooring. Upgraded features like hardwood and ceramic floors or granite countertops are installed once the house is set on the foundation to prevent cracking and shifting during transit.

Interior Design Features Available for Modular Homes

The interiors of modular home have the same dramatic structural interior design options as a traditional stick-built home with choice of extra high or cathedral ceilings, sunrooms, solariums, indoor pools, and other luxury design elements. The modular concept has been validated and is now universally accepted. In fact, 80 percent of the homes in Sweden are modular. Modular building is the future!

Once you have ordered your new modular home, experienced designers will work with you to help choose your colors and select design elements from a wide selection of standard and premium upgrades. The following list represents only a few of the primary interior design features offered by top modular builders in North America:

  • Paint colors
    • Decorator white
    • Nutty light golden browns
    • Soft sage greens
    • Beige tones
    • Cool elegant taupe tones
  • Flooring
    • Carpet including berber, wool, nylon, and synthetics
    • Vinyl
    • Ceramic
    • Hardwoods such as maple and oak
    • Eco-friendly and sustainable flooring such as cork and bamboo
    • Engineered hardwood and laminates
  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets
    • Maple
    • Pine
    • Oak
    • Eucalyptus
    • MDS
    • Cherry
    • Hickory
  • Countertops and backsplashes
    • Laminate
    • Corian
    • Granite
    • Quartz
    • Concrete
    • Coni marble
  • Fireplaces and mantels
    • Wood stoves
    • Wood burning fireplaces
    • Gas or propane fireplace inserts
    • Double faced fireplaces
    • Oak mantles
    • Cultured stone hearth and fireplace surrounds

Decisions, Decisions!

For homebuyers, choosing from among hundreds of interior design components tends to be the most overwhelming stage of modular, or for that matter, any custom built home. They must make decisions that will influence the quality of their life for years to come. Something as seemingly simple as choosing the dark maple cabinet for your kitchen instead of the light and airy frosted oak cabinetry could be a dire mistake if not carefully thought out. That's why every top modular home builder employs design consultants to suggest color palettes and offer guidance in coordinating the interior design of their new modular home.

Tips for Choosing Interior Design Components

It is vitally important to study your blueprint and lot survey when making interior design choices for your modular home. Depending on your property and house orientation, as well as the placement of windows, you will want to map out how the quality and amount of sunlight streaming through the windows will affect various rooms.

Ultimately, the interior of your modular home must reflect your own unique personality. Just as some people thrive in an environment alive with rich, warm colors like yellow and red, other people feel nurtured by the tranquility and sophistication of cool colors like blue. Choosing your paint color, flooring, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, and countertops, based on a few simple theories of color combination (a color wheel is a handy tool), personal preference, and natural lighting will ensure you are happy with your new modular home.
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30 Modular Home Interior Features + Tips for a Modern Choice