Painting with Moroccan Red Moore Paint


Moroccan Red Moore paint from Benjamin Moore is one of the company's most popular colors. It is an excellent pop of red with an undertone of brown and orange, which makes it a perfect choice for those who like earth tones but still want to experiment with bold, bright colors. Unlike a true red, Moroccan Red Moore paint isn't so vibrant that it detracts from other focal points in the room. Instead, it acts as a lovely backdrop for furnishings and fabrics, and also pairs well with warm whites and bright greens and blues for a truly stunning interior room.

Working With Moroccan Red Moore Paint

When choosing to paint a room red you are making a commitment, so first be certain that the Moroccan Red Moore paint is the exact color you want to work with. Typically red works best in dining rooms, kitchens, and other areas where you want to feel lively and vibrant. You might want to shy away from painting a bedroom red, as it can make you restless, same with a bathroom, which is typically a space where you are looking for respite and relaxation.

The Significance of Red

The color red, in all of its various hues, is a hot, strong color that depicts emotions such as love, violence, warfare, fire, heat, and passion. Sometimes it denotes danger or emergency, such as a stop sign or a fire truck. In some cultures, however, red conveys purity and celebration. In China it is the color of happiness and prosperity and is also the color worn by many brides in Asia.

In ancient Egypt the color red was the color of chaos and disorder. The ancient Egyptian name deshret, or red land, was used when referring to the color of the desert where one of the key pigments for creating red was found. Despite all of these negative connotations, red was also the color of life and protection because it is the color of blood and fire.

Complementary Colors

When looking for complementary colors to Moroccan Red, consider bright greens, turquoise, cool blues, and golden yellows. When looking at neutrals, consider those with a warm undertone instead of a cool undertone. If you really want to make this color pop look at traditional Moroccan color schemes and consider creating a theme around fabrics and accessories from this area of the world.


Moroccan Decor

Color is used with unabashed boldness in Morocco. Reds are paired with golds, yellows, greens, turquoise, bright blues and purples to maximum effect. If you are considering a Moroccan theme for your room make certain you stick with solid walls and then accent with the other hues listed above. Gold or turquoise curtains will make a stunning statement. Throw pillows in purple, blue, yellow and green add punches of jewel-tones that instantly ignite an exotic air throughout the room. Plush cushions, intricately carved furnishings and hammered brass chandeliers and lamps will finish off the look.

Careful Red Painting Techniques

Now that you have decided whether or not the Benjamin Moore Moroccan Red is for your room, there are a few important things to consider when painting a room with a bold color such as red.

Tools You Need

First you will need some key tools such as:

  • Spackle
  • Sandpaper or a sanding pad
  • Medium and small paint brush
  • Paint roller
  • Paint tray
  • Drop cloths
  • Painters tape

Often it takes up to 5 or 6 coats of red paint to truly make this hue saturate your walls. Here are a few important steps to take to ensure that you get the best results:

  1. Use spackle and sandpaper to fix any holes or cracks
  2. Remove switch plates, curtains and blinds, anything that can be easily removed
  3. Tape every single nook and cranny. Red isn't easy to coverup, so make certain that your ceiling is well taped, your floorboards are well taped, and any other areas of the room that you don't want the red paint to drip or leak onto
  4. Prime with a gray or red primer. It will cut down on the number of coats you have to paint
  5. Start by cutting in the edges with your brush, then roll the paint on. Plan on at least two or three coats
  6. Allow time to sufficiently dry before returning any switch plates, curtains, etc. to make certain that the paint doesn't get on anything!
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