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Musical Notes Wall Art

Kim Stone

‎ Jazz up your room's décor with musical notes wall art that sets a toe-tapping mood and makes a statement about your melodic interests. Although a music room is the natural place for harmonious decorating accents, they could also be used as groovy focal points in a foyer, dining room, or living room.

Musical Wall Art with Dimension

For a three-dimensional effect, check out metal wall sculptures and wall plaques that have a musical note theme. The Music Collection from Touch of Class features a wonderful assortment of sculpted plaques, metal art, and other musical notes wall art. Their tuneful "Jam Sessions" and "Rhythm" metal wall décor sculptures shine with steel which is painted in black, silver, copper, and gold accents. Metallic colors and finishes can work as neutrals to enhance a variety of design schemes. Another way to show off your love of music is with framed prints and canvas wall art. This type of artwork can be found at local home décor retailers like Kirkland's or Home Goods.

Wallpaper with Musical Themes

An alternative to musical notes wall art is to install wallpaper or borders with a melodious theme. This will infuse the entire room in a pleasant vibe that's music to the eyes and ears. For a traditional look, Waverly offers the "Bourbon Street" wallpaper pattern. This paper has an aged finish that is reminiscent of vintage sheet music. You can even use actual sheets of music to wallpaper your walls or to create a framed musical art piece. Choose music sheets from one composer, a certain genre of music, or a time period for a cohesive theme.

For a children's bedroom or playroom, there are also entertaining wallpapers which feature musical score themes. For example, this butterfly-themed musical score (by Rosenberry Rooms) adds a touch of whimsy and elegance to a child's room.

Other Ideas for Musical Notes Wall Art

If a custom look is more your style, then consider a hand-painted wall finish which has a melodious theme. A decorative painter can create a large musical mural or add musical note accents around a room. For a do-it-yourself approach, try using a stencil to help the process go more smoothly. Wall to Wall Stencils offers a choice of stencils which feature treble and bass clefs in addition to various musical notes.

Tapestries are another way to infuse a room with musical notes wall art. These woven hanging adornments can be used effectively in hallways and stairwells where they absorb sound and are safer than sharp-edged wall art. The "Jazz Medley" and "Music Room" wall tapestries from The Music Stand both feature sheet music and instruments for a classic design. A twist on tapestries is using a rug as wall art.

Musical Notes Wall Art