Nautical Home Decor Basics (For Sea Lovers)

Nautical Room

If you dream of nautical adventures on the open sea, the smell of the ocean and the flapping of the sails in the wind, bring the legend of the sea into your home with nautical home decorations.

Nautical Home Decorations: Main Concepts

Creating a unique and elegant nautical interior design is easier than you think. Sailboats, seashells, fish, anchors and helms are just some of the endless decorating options. The ocean is one of the most alluring and stylish themes for interior décor. With countless colors, patterns and elements to choose from, you can transform any room in your home into a nautical retreat.

The following concepts should be considered before starting your nautical decorating project:

  • Nautical decorating should not be too literal. You don't want your home looking like the inside of a ship. What you want is a peaceful decorating theme that brings the general idea of what nautical life is. Find a place where the sea can be in tune with reality.
  • It is fundamental to choose the right mix of nautical home decorations. Orchestrate your nautical décor by selecting pieces that tie it together. Art pieces of fish and sea life, the beach and sailing boats make strong statements as well as photographs or seashell collections. A great idea is to pick a few sailboat photographs (without people), change them to either black and white or muted colors, and then frame them.
  • Amidst your nautical decorating, try not to over do it. There's only so much nautical pieces that you can add, especially boats. Try to avoid a museum-like design. A sophisticated nautical theme will be reached if you incorporate subtle elements with an evident nautical feel.

Nautical Palette

  • Basic Nautical Colors
    • White
    • Navy blue
    • Khaki
    • Sea green

These are the typical nautical décor color schemes, but you can give them life by using other colors such as yellow, orange and red with nautical flags, buoys, pictures and colored seashells. Create a natural finish using rustic driftwood, rich mahogany shades and other hardwood hues.

Decorating the Bedroom

When incorporating the color scheme we discussed previously, be careful while decorating your bedroom. Painting all walls of your bedroom navy blue might be too much, especially if you have a small room. Use color only on one wall or use it to accentuate a specific area and keep the rest of the walls in a softer shade. Another great way to add nautical colors is by using wallpaper with blue, red or white stripes.

Look for photos or paintings of sailboats, lighthouses and the ocean and frame them. You can also add a sailboat or lighthouse model. You can find an abundance of these models at many home décor stores, even online.

If you have a big bedroom, nautical flags, a bottled ship or framed sailing maps make a nice addition as well. For bedding and pillows, look for anchors, helms and other nautical motifs. Buy pillows with patterns and fabrics that are all different with one matching element. Porthole style mirrors or barometers can bring a ship-like feeling to your room too.

Decorating the Kitchen

To make your kitchen pop with a nautical theme, you want to shop for attractive accessories such as pottery and dishtowels. Window treatments for your kitchen can also have nautical designs as long as they are light and breezy. Ocean inspired area rugs are also beneficial when incorporating a nautical design to your kitchen. Always ensure that all of the accessories compliment each other and the rest of the area.

Decorating the Bathroom

Decorate your bathroom with blue and white hues. First pick a paint color for the walls and then buy your shower curtain, rugs and accessories with those colors in mind. Choose ocean themed objects like boats, anchors and ship wheels, and place bath mats to add comfort and help integrate the color scheme. To complete the whole look, add matching items for the floor, windows and walls: such as rugs, towels and framed pictures or paintings.

Final Thoughts

The alternatives for nautical themes are broad, giving you the chance of mixing them to give your home a design concept that travels from one room to another. These design ideas for nautical rooms will have you feeling like you're on the open water faster than you think. Just remember to let your own ideas set sail too!

  • Written by Melissa Alvarado
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Nautical Home Decor Basics (For Sea Lovers)