15 Patriotic Wall Decor Ideas to Be Proud Of


Patriotic wall décor provides the perfect opportunity to combine your national pride with your interior design style. Colorful and patriotic wall decorations will give your home a breath of fresh air you can be proud of.

Patriotic Decorating

Although anyone can build a design theme around the colors in their national flag, the bulk of the inspiration for patriotic decorating comes from the American flag. The stars and stripes of the American flag are a common theme in interior design and can be found in everything from quilts to wallpaper. Thanks to the wide abundance of flag themed decorating gear, your choices for adding a little patriotism to your wall décor are many. The trick is matching the patriotic wall décor to the design themes you already have in the room so you end up pulling together the perfect look.

Patriotic Wall Décor Ideas

Before you get started on your wall decorating, there are a few things you should keep in mind about patriotic wall décor. The first thing to remember is that although patriotic wall decorations can work well with a number of different design styles, there are limits. For instance, filling your walls with red, white and blue won't work so well in your floral heavy English Country style room and likewise, the bold colors of American flags will overwhelm your natural and neutral Contemporary style home. Some styles that are patriotic décor friendly are:

Also, it is a good idea to keep in mind that a little bit of patriotic wall décor can easily go a long way. The colors in the American flag are bold and the stars and stripes in the design are equally striking, so using too heavy a hand while decorating your walls will overpower your room. You can mitigate some of the intensity of patriotic wall décor by looking for rustic, muted variations of Old Glory instead of the bright, bold colors on a traditional flag.

With those guidelines in mind, it's time to start decorating!

  • Painting - Painting is an obvious choice when you want to jazz up your walls, and you can show your patriotic spirit by going red or blue on your walls (white doesn't count so much here). Of course, with bold colors like these, you'll have to approach painting carefully. Dark colors make a room look smaller, so if space is already an issue, this one might not be for you. Also, choosing too bright a color can be tricky, unless you have a funky, modern theme in your room (without other patriotic themed décor, using a very bright color may also diminish the look you are trying to create - not all red walls say "patriotic" on their own). If you want to use the colors but play it safe, think in terms of rusty reds and Williamsburg blues. These colors will evoke the Americana feel without smacking you in the face every time you enter the space.
  • Wallpaper and Borders - You can find tasteful Americana wallpaper that repeats patriotic symbols like the flag and eagles throughout the pattern that can bring your patriotic look to life. If wallpaper is a little too much for your look, consider putting a patriotic border around the top edges of your walls or around the middle of the walls in your room.
  • Stenciling - If you want to go very bold with your patriotic symbols, you can stencil them on your walls, following the same paths you would for a border.

If you're looking for patriotic wall décor that is a bit more understated, consider the following ideas:

  • Hang framed copies of faux antique documents like The Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  • Look for reproductions of famous historical paintings, like Washington Crossing the Delaware.
  • Turn an Americana themed quilt into a unique piece of folk art for your wall.
  • In a departure from the typical Colonial America themed patriotic art, look for modern, black and white or color photos of the flag (buy them or take your own).
  • Hang wooden Americana flags - these come in all sizes, so you can go for one large one or scatter several smaller ones.
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15 Patriotic Wall Decor Ideas to Be Proud Of