Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile

Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile

Using peel and stick vinyl tile is a great way to give a room a quick, easy, and inexpensive makeover.

Stick on tiles are available in tons of patterns, designs, and finishes, and can be used in just about any room in the house. They're quick and fairly easy to install and can be purchased for very low prices when compared to other flooring options. Peel and stick vinyl tile can mimic several different types of floors. There are tiles available that look like stone, ceramic, marble, laminate, wood, and more. No matter what look you're going for there's sure to be a tile to suit.

Remember also that peel and stick vinyl tiles needn't be limited to just floor use. They can be used on walls as art, instead of paint, or even as a backsplash in a kitchen. They're so versatile that they can go just about anywhere.

Preparing the Floor

Like with any DIY home improvement project it's important to do the appropriate prep work before beginning.

  • If necessary remove any old flooring. The tiles can be laid over linoleum, concrete, or plywood.
  • Make sure the floor is as even as possible. Fill and sand any cracks or holes, and sand away any bumps that you can.
  • Clean the floor thoroughly, removing any dust, dirt, wax, and grease. Any of these things can conflict with the adhesive on the back of the new tile, rendering it useless. Don't even think about laying down the new tile until the floor is completely clean and dry.
  • It's also important to check out the manufacturer's instructions for the tile you use just in case there is any issue with the existing floor type.

Laying Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile

If possible try to purchase the tiles a few days before starting and store them in your home for a couple of days. This will give the adhesive a chance to acclimatize to the temperature of the home.Laying out adhesive tile is similar to laying out other types of tiles, but with one important difference: there's no grout or mortar required so all of the tiles can be laid out without having to account for the extra space the mortar requires (i.e.- the spaces between tiles).

  • Determine the placement of the tiles and figure out where you will begin and finish the job. No doubt some tiles around the perimeter of the room will have to be cut to fit, so when figuring out the layout, try to make sure the cut tiles will be in less visible spots, such as below the counters.
  • Lay out the tiles on the floor in the desired positions without removing the adhesive back.
  • Once everything is set out where you want it to go, remove the paper backing one tile at a time. Push the edge of each new tile up against the one that was stuck down before it. Be careful when handling the tiles once the paper has been removed because it is very sticky. Other items (including hands) can easily get stuck if you're not careful.
  • When you get to the end, use a utility knife to cut the tile to fit against the wall. Since in theory all the tiles needed against the walls will be the same size (if your room is even) you can measure and cut one and then use it as a template to cut the others. It should save quite a bit of time. If needed you can use cardboard to make a template when fitting tiles around difficult areas (like corners and around appliances).
  • Once the whole floor is finished, use a rolling pin to firmly press down the tile.

Caring for a Peel and Stick Tiles

Peel and stick vinyl is pretty durable, but it still requires some care. Clean up any spills immediately and remember to clean it with a product recommended by the manufacturer. If certain cleaners are used and seep in between the cracks, it's possible that the corners could begin to lift over time. Also try not to let them be overly exposed to moisture. If they're installed in a bathroom, remember to use a fan or open the window when there's a lot of steam.

Adhesive tiles are inexpensive and can be easily installed by DIYers. Even people without a lot of home improvement experience will find that it's not too difficult to lay peel and stick flooring. With the proper preparation and organization the entire project can be done in a day.

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Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile