Pet-Friendly Interior Design for Loving (Yet Cautious) Owners


Today, there are plentiful options for pet-friendly interior design materials, and the bonus is that many of these items are kid-friendly, too. This means that the whole family - including Fido - can live together effortlessly while enjoying stylish home decor.

Flooring Ideas for Pet Owners

Low maintenance is the key to pet-friendly interior design. Flooring is a great place to start, since this area will receive a lot of wear and tear. Since accidents and mud tracks are inevitable, you'll want something that is painless to clean. Overall, it's best not to install carpeting in a home with furry friends. Carpeting will be a magnet for stains, clumps of animal hair, and pet odors. Low pile carpets like Berber and stain repellent carpets may be an option if carpet is still desired.

Hard flooring is a perfect choice for pet owners. Painted or stained concrete is one option that is durable and easily cleaned. Other comparable choices include brick, granite, terrazzo, and ceramic tiles. Ceramic is excellent at resisting pet stains because it is not porous like the majority of natural stone material. Another outstanding choice for pet-friendly interior design is hardwood or laminate flooring. Not only are they simple to clean, they also add texture and warm color tones. However, some wood surfaces can be easily scratched by pet nails, so a heavy-duty finish is a must.

If you choose a hard surface floor, you may want a few area rugs to help soften your living spaces. Rugs are more versatile than carpeting because they can be moved, cleaned, or tossed in the trash. Choose affordable and durable rugs such as sisal, Japanese tatami mats, seagrass, or low pile textile rugs. Another option is removable, self-stick carpet tiles such as those from Flor. These fashionable tiles can be pulled up, rinsed off, or replaced in the event of a pet incident.


Fabric Ideas for Pet Owners

The next major area of concern for pet-friendly interior design is furniture and upholstery. To reduce the appearance of animal hair between cleanings, choose upholstery colors that are similar to your pet's hair color. Leather is one of the top picks because it is hard-wearing and simple to maintain. As a natural product, any surface wear only adds to the leather's character. Pleather and Naugahyde are synthetic options to real leather hides.

Microfiber fabrics such as Ultrasuede are also ideal for pet owners. These suede-like fabrics are resistant to stains, liquids, and wear. Microfibers can be spot cleaned, machine-washed, or dry cleaned. If leather or faux suede isn't your thing, then look to fabrics that are treated to resist stains. In addition, chenille is a soft fabric that wears well and releases pet hair easily.

If your pet keeps your feet warm while you slumber, then low maintenance bedding will be indispensable. Any washable fabrics will work as long as they feature a tight weave. Use a water-resistant pad or cover to protect the mattress while adding comfort. Also, covering a comforter or bedspread with a duvet is practical and protects delicate fabrics.

Resources for Pet-Friendly Interior Design

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Pet-Friendly Interior Design for Loving (Yet Cautious) Owners