Pirate Room Decor Inspiration That'll Steal Your Heart


Pirate room décor ideas can really liven up your living space and give your home a completely unique look. If you are looking for some interior design ideas to set your home apart from all of the others on the block, say a'hoy matey to some pirate inspired design ideas.

About Pirate Room Décor

OK, let's be honest. Pirate room decoration is not for everyone, and it is not for every room. Granted, there are people who live life as pirates (such as the "pirate" family behind this Talk Like a Pirate website who you might remember from their appearance on ABC's Wife Swap TV show), but a little pirate can go a long way for most of us. That doesn't mean you can't incorporate some pirate themes into your home in a way that won't make you want to walk the plank.

The most common place for pirate room décor is a child's bedroom - young boys and girls alike enjoy this sassy, fun decorating theme. Doing your formal living room in pirate themed décor might be a challenge, but if you live near the beach, or if you have a beach home, a pirate themed room can be the perfect antidote to more traditional beach house decorating ideas.

You can also experiment with pirate decorating ideas in less formal rooms of your house, like home theaters and game rooms. Pirate looks are supposed to be fun, and they should be used in the rooms in your house that are designated for laid back good times.

Pirate Room Décor Resources

Are you ready to inject a little "pirattitude" into your home décor? These websites are full of great pirate inspired decorating ideas that will have you saying shiver me timbers in no time. Before you get started in the decorating, just keep in mind that a good rule of the thumb for themed design looks such as this one is that it is best to create the look by adding features to the room that can easily removed. For instance, hang a pirate flag on your wall instead of painting your wall with a pirate scene mural - if you decide the land lubbin' life is the one for you in the future, you can easily put your pirate look back out to sea.

  • Unique Baby Gear - No baby is ever too young to get ready for life on the open seas, and Unique Baby Gear has everything you need to get your newborn started out on the right pirate foot, from bedding to lamps and accessories.
  • Kids' Rooms Treasures - There's no shortage of cute pirate bedding at this quirky store. Looks are appealing to a variety of ages with colors ranging from baby blues to tans.
  • Wayfair - This retailer has it all from bedding to curtains, wall decals and more. There's even a pirate's trunk.

Your Pirate Room Décor Ideas

Do you have a swashbuckling decorating story to share? Tell us all about your pirate decorating adventure by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

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Pirate Room Decor Inspiration That'll Steal Your Heart