16 Princess Themed Room Ideas to Live Happily Ever After

princess bed
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Princess themes for girls' rooms are timelessly popular, and there are enough variations on the theme to allow you to put your own personal, royal spin on the whole affair. Whether your daughter is in a full princess phase, or just has a passing love you'd like to acknowledge, there are plenty of ways you can do both.


Begin by choosing your colors. Little girls love pink, and there are plenty of lovely shades you can choose, from light to bright and everything in between. But don't stop at pink - light blues, yellows or purple make good choices for bedrooms as well.

The walls are great places to build your theme and have some fun doing it. Paint a castle scene on the wall, complete with a moat, drawbridge, horses and fluffy, white clouds floating by. You can even use faux stone to "build" your castle. Stenciled flowers, butterflies and maybe even a few fairy princesses complete the transformation from four plain walls to storybook wonderland.

The Bed

girls four post bed

The bed is your little princess's throne, and this is another way to cement the design. Go for a four poster bed, with plenty of gauzy fabric draped around to create a canopy. If the four poster canopy look isn't your thing, create the look of curtains behind the bed with some gauzy fabric as well, hanging them from the wall. Make sure there are plenty of pillows on the bed. Combine fabric types and try to incorporate some of the colors from your wall art.

Character Themes

Does your little girl have a particular princess role model in mind? Incorporate the princess of choice into the room by using character themed sheets, bedspreads, wall hanging, pillows, lamps and more. This is a great way to humor a love of princesses without committing to changes that will require a major room overhaul in a few years when she outgrows the style. Toys R Us has a huge selection of Disney princess decorating. From Sleeping Beauty to the Little Mermaid, they are all well represented with bedding and room decorations.

Make Believe and Dress Up

If your princess's bedroom is large enough, a play area complete with dress-up costumes is a wonderful addition. If you're designing a playroom, then you'll be focusing on creating various play stations with a cohesive design for the entire room. You can purchase a wardrobe designed just for the princess's royal costumes or simply add a clothes bar in the corner of the room. The costumes then become a part of the overall décor, adding a fun element that your child will enjoy for a long time.

Special Touches


It's the little touches that make a great room design. Adding various elements to a room will keep your attention moving from one area of the room to another. When you add personal touches to the room, it helps your child feel ownership.

Personalized Items

You can have your child's name monogrammed on certain items such as bedding, pillows, a rocking chair, or other furnishings. Frame photos of your child playing, birthday celebrations and family events to hang on the wall or place on the bedside table. Take a photo of her dressed up in a princess costume and use it to create a pillow, nightgown, coffee cup, or wall mural. Think outside the box and create something very special.

Princess Motifs

There are a wide range of motifs you can use in your princess room. Work in odd numbers for a more interesting design result. For example, choose three major motifs you wish to repeat throughout the room. Ideas include:

  • castle decal
    Castle Decal
    Ball gown
  • Castle
  • Crown
  • Dragons
  • Fairies
  • Hearts
  • Knights
  • Large sparkling jewels (rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants)
  • Royal carriage
  • Stars
  • Throne
  • Unicorns
  • Wand

Accessorizing the Room

There are many things you can do to add mystique, magic and whimsical touches to your princess room without spending a lot of money.

  • Transform an old lamp shade by hot gluing a string of beads around the top and bottom rim.
  • Silk flowers in a vase go a long way to create a happy feeling while adding a color element.
  • Gauzy fabric gathering around a ring can anchor a canopy that can fall around the head of the bed. Add trimmings of delicate silk flower and ivy in a cascade effect for a forest ambiance or colorful ribbon streamers and beads.
  • Pillows can be used on the bed and oversized for the floor. Choose soft velvets or chenille fabrics and embellish with laces, beads and charms.
  • Make castle banners, personalize or let your child name her castle.
princess knob
Princess Knob

Finishing Touches

Finish off the look with the little touches every princess theme needs:

  • Add "princess" knobs to the dressers and drawers - it will give the furniture a quick, low cost makeover and carries on your theme.
  • Hang colored fairy lights.
  • Get a name plaque for the door with your little girl's name stenciled on so everyone knows her princess status.
  • Display fairy tale books on brightly colored bookshelves, full of princess stories.
  • Create a "dressing area" with a little vanity table and chairs.


Looking for places to purchase some princess themed items? There are plenty of places that have just what you need.

  • Posh Tots - The prices at Posh Tots aren't cheap, but the have beautiful furniture for children's rooms. Check it out to get some ideas.
  • Wall Sticker Outlet - All the stencils you need to create your princess themed wall art.
  • aBaby.com - Themed princess beds of multiple styles and price points.
  • Sweet Treat Kids - Bedding, decorations and furniture in the princess theme.

Create the Room of Her Dreams

Remember to involve your child in the decision making process as much as possible. The fantasy land of a princess themed bedroom is a great chance for your child to flex her creative muscle. The only problem you may have when the room is done is convincing her royal highness to leave the castle.

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