5 Ideas for Red Bedrooms That Make a Bold Statement

Red Bedroom

Cozy, romantic and chic: these are adjectives that come to mind when describing red bedrooms. Learn how to incorporate this bold color into your bedroom decor.

Red Bedroom Ideas

Whether you choose to go all out and paint your entire room red or simply incorporate a few red accents, consider these options to update your bedroom decor.

Red Walls

Make the boldest statement by painting your walls red. You may choose to paint all of your bedroom walls the same shade of red or paint only one wall as an accent, such as the wall behind your bed or a fireplace. Consider which wall forms the focal point of the room. Another option is to use red wallpaper that adds texture to the room, such as a vintage pattern with red velvet, or for a more subtle look try a pattern that contains hints of red.

Red Textiles

Purchase a solid or patterned red bedspread or sheets for a romantic feel. Stripes and paisley are classic pattern choices, or go for a dynamic, abstract design. For drama, consider adding red curtains or rugs. However, you shouldn't try to make everything match too perfectly, because a little bit of such a bold color can go a long way.

Red Accents

Perhaps you'd prefer to add a splash of red to your bedroom without fully committing to the shade. Try red throw pillows on your bed, a red lamp shade, or a painting that incorporates a lot of red. Other small accents include candles and picture frames. Paint one piece of furniture red, such as a nightstand, dresser or bookcase. Just don't paint all of your furniture red; you probably wouldn't wear a red shirt, pants and shoes together because it overwhelms.

Bedroom interior with a comfy red bed with pillows, painting and lamp

Choosing the Right Shade of Red

The many shades of red range range from blue undertones to yellow and orange. "Blue" reds include dark shades such as burgundy and maroon, which are traditional and soothing, to bright fuchsia and berry shades, which are very feminine. Classic reds include cardinal, scarlet and candy apple but may be too stimulating to use in large areas of a bedroom. Chinese red has a slight yellow tint and is popular in modern decor, while coral and rust reds are the warmest red shades since they include orange.

While it is possible to mix shades of red in one room, typically you should stick within the same range. Take fabric samples when you go shopping, and be sure to test paint on the wall before committing to purchasing an entire can. Reds can look very different in natural and artificial light, so view a shade in each of these conditions before choosing the right one for you.

Colors that Complement Red

Red goes well with many other colors, so when you are designing your red bedroom, you have many options for accents. White, gray and black are foolproof matches for red, while green is its opposite on the color wheel and really makes it pop. However, you must be careful to avoid a "Christmas" look; for example, use very "yellow" greens such as lime or olive.

Be careful when using other primary shades with red-yellow and blue-because they can compete with its dynamic nature. Purple and pink are also tricky to combine with red because they are so similar. When using red in your decor, let it be the star of the show by using more subdued accents.

Examples of Red Bedrooms

If you need a little inspiration to get started, look at these examples of red bedrooms:

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5 Ideas for Red Bedrooms That Make a Bold Statement