Why Removable Wall Stickers Are Both Beneficial and Fun

Removable wall stickers can quickly liven up any wall.

Removable wall stickers are just the ticket for fun, relatively inexpensive wall décor that you can design yourself. If you change your mind, just peel them off. But, if you love the look, you always take it with you when you move!

Wall Design Art For the Non-Artist

Now you can add a unique design to one of your walls without picking up the paintbrush. Vinyl wall stickers give you the opportunity to add words, pictures, scenes or bold graphics to any clean, flat surface. These easy-to-apply, easy-to-clean bursts of creativity can turn walls, windows, furniture or the side of the fridge into a focal point for your room.

The art or graphics are printed in vivid, clear colors onto vinyl sheets. The vinyl sheets are, in turn, placed onto a paper-like backing using a repositionable adhesive which is like a heavy-duty version of the sticky notes we use around the house to post quick messages. The stickers are easily-applied by pulling the stickers off of the backing and then placing them on a clean surface. And, if you change your mind, just pull them off and reposition them.

Benefits of Removable Wall Stickers

  • Inexpensive decorating - Wall stickers can provide the customized design of a nursery wall mural without the expense required to commission an artist.
  • No stress installation - If you stand back and decide the sticker is crooked, you can just peel it off and replace it where you want it. There is no stress to match patterns and achieve straight lines like you would have with wallpaper.
  • Adhere to multiple types of surfaces - The stickers will stick to any smooth, clean surface like furniture, windows or walls.
  • Express your creativity - You can personalize your room by adding your favorite shapes, colors and themes. And then, just peel them off when you change your mind - perfect for kids, teens and college students who seem to change personalities and interests every ten minutes!
  • Add a special effect - Is your child afraid of the dark? Would your teenage son or daughter like to fall asleep to glow in the dark stars? Then cover their bedroom ceiling with luminous-effect wall stickers. They can be quickly removed, usually leaving little or no residue when the mood for the heavenly glow passes.
  • Adaptable to your life - Unlike a mural that would be ruined if Junior went wild with the crayons, vinyl wall stickers will usually wipe off to their original look. It they are too damaged or dirty to be cleaned, the affected stickers can be taken down and replaced with new stickers - no need to replace an entire wall of graphics.
  • Take them with you - If you develop a look that you, or a family member, really love, you don't have to leave it on the wall when you move. Many of the stickers have a slightly more heavy-duty removable adhesive that remains sticky long after the sticker is removed. You can remove the stickers and replace them on walls in a new room.
  • Landlord-approved - No glue or nails to damage walls.
  • Wow-factor party décor - Whether the occasion is celebrating the birth of a new baby, the graduation of a teen or the retirement of a friend, removable wall sticks can provide the words and themes that reflect your occasion without the need to paint or buy a banner.

Where to Buy

There are thousands of sticker designs available. Their light weight allows minimal postage expense when stickers are custom-ordered or purchased from catalogs or online.


California-based Blik offers a wide assortment of oversized wall decals featuring themes from animals to science fiction as well as graphic patterns to personalize your wall. They also have a line of "re-stik" decals that can be removed and then moved to another surface.


Virginia-based WiseDecor sells customizable word art that gives your wall a hand-painted look. Imagine a "Bon Appétit" in your Dining room, a line from your son's favorite video game in your family room or your family motto in the foyer as guests enter your living room.

Presto Chango Décor

Florida-based Presto Chango Décor is a family-owned business that designs and manufacturers removable wall stickers. Their stickers range in size from small individual stickers to larger stickers themed to be grouped together or added to the removable wall murals which they also design and have in stock. They add designs frequently; so keep checking back .Their stickers are made of vinyl with a low tack adhesive which lets them be quickly and frequently moved from wall-to-wall - a big plus when decorating for kids.

Artistic Sensations

Artistic Sensations offers a full line of themed room décor items for kids and teens. Their stickers provide vivid photographic art of animals, nature and sports. They can be used alone or with the coordinated, themed bedding and furniture.


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Why Removable Wall Stickers Are Both Beneficial and Fun