Retro Kitchen Appliances and Decor: Learn How to Vintage


For a vintage vibe in your kitchen design, consider adding colorful retro kitchen appliances and decor. Retro style elements will infuse new life and energy into any ho-hum kitchen. Also known as mid-century design, retro style is best defined by distinctive elements like polished chrome, sherbet-hued colors, shiny vinyl upholstery, and sleek rounded corners.

Retro Kitchen Appliances

The workhorses of most kitchens are the major appliances such as stoves and refrigerators. There are many options for selecting retro style appliances including refurbished models and new reproductions.

Refurbished ranges and iceboxes can be found online and through local appliance dealers. The restoration process involves updating the appliance with new wiring, insulation, and paint finishes. This process ensures that vintage appliances are safe, environmentally sound, and energy efficient. You can also find an oven or fridge at a salvage yard, estate sale, or flea market, and then have it restored by a professional.

Many homeowners find that new reproductions of retro style appliances are the way to go. Not only are they easy to find, you can rest assured that the stoves and refrigerators meet modern safety and ecological standards. While exact replicas are available of retro kitchen appliances, there are also new designs that combine key retro design elements with clean contemporary style.

A period retro kitchen design should feature true reproductions or replicas of original mid-century stoves and fridges. For a subtle retro influence, choose a sleek modern design that borrows a few retro touches like a curved oven handle or chrome detailing.

Retro Kitchen Decor

When retro kitchen appliances and decor are paired together, your kitchen will make you smile and will delight your guests as well. Besides stylish appliances, there are numerous items which will add wonderful retro style to your galley. The main kitchen elements which can help define a retro room include flooring, countertops, furniture, and other culinary accessories.

Flooring in a retro style kitchen typically consists of either wood planks or linoleum tiles. The characteristic retro floor is checkerboard patterned linoleum in black-and-white or red-and-white color schemes. This high contrast color scheme provides visual interests and creates instant drama.


Countertops are front and center in a retro kitchen design. These vintage beauties are usually made of laminate material which features sweeping curved edges. The laminate is often patterned with boomerang designs or other fun retro motifs. Metal banding around the edges of a retro style countertop inject the room with modern edge and shiny chrome. Cabinetry in a retro kitchen is often made of wood or plastic laminate material with clean lines as well as simple moldings and hardware.

Kitchen furniture with a strong retro influence will truly set the mood in a mid-century design. The iconic retro furniture item is the diner booth. These vinyl clad comfort zones will increase your kitchen seating capacity and ramp up the retro vibe. Swivel stools with vinyl and chrome accents are another playful solution for bar areas. A more classic approach to an eat-in kitchen is a retro table featuring rounded shape, laminate top, metal banding, and chrome legs. Chairs at a retro dining table are usually streamlined in size with colorful vinyl upholstery and shiny chrome accents.

Retro kitchen accessories include many functional items that will make your galley stylish and practical. These enjoyable accessories often feature curvy, space-age shapes and funky retro colors like green or pink. Look for new reproductions of small retro appliances including mixers, blenders, and toasters, such as Eclectrics® All-Metal Appliances from Hamilton Beach. Other popular retro themed accessories include bread boxes, canisters, salt-and-pepper shakers, and embroidered hand towels. You can also find original, vintage retro accessories at antique stores, eBay, and garage sales.

Resources for Retro Kitchen Appliances and Decor

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Retro Kitchen Appliances and Decor: Learn How to Vintage