12 Romantic Bedroom Design Ideas to Fall in Love With

Set the Mood with White

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Bring romance into your bedroom design by using white as your main color. A simple wisp of canopy curtains creates a mystical ambiance. Luxurious bedding seduces with the soft touch of drama and intrigue.

"Feminine and flirty with its ruched textures, this Sutter White duvet cover is the perfect way to bring a touch of romance to the bedroom," explains Karin Sheih, co-founder of Crane & Canopy.

A dash of white accent pieces throughout your bedroom, such as the white ceramics on the nightstand complete the look.

The Savoy

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Design your bedroom in the tradition of The Savoy world famous hotel! Savior luxury beds created The Savoy just "for London's top tier Savoy Hotel."

"Savoir beds are truly handmade, with each bed constructed entirely by one artisan, who signs his work. Each bed is also tailor-made to suit the customer's particular height, weight and sleeping style in any size or shape," Savoir Beds.

The company slogan of Spend a third of your life in First Class can truly inspire you when selecting fabrics, bedding and other furniture. Opt for a luxurious rose print canopy with matching curtains framed by gold valances and draperies for a truly romantic design like The Savoy.

Restive Cape Cod Elegance

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Working with older architecture can present design challenges for some renovation projects, such as smaller bedrooms that don't have closets.

"This Cape Cod retreat lacked closet space, so custom armoires and a window seat were added," Interior Designer Sarah Barnard explains. "Instead of adding solid wood doors to the armoires, glass was used to visually make the space feel larger," Barnard shares a design tip.

The colors and textures Barnard selected for her design convey a feeling of relaxation. It's easy to imagine being ensconced in nature when entering this understated romantic bedroom design.

Provincial Elegance


A little French Provincial from the 17th and 18th centuries might be the design style you're seeking.

Dusty rose with darker hue draperies highlight this monochromatic bedroom design. Baseboard lighting adds subtle light ambiance to the room without the typical harsh glare additional lighting gives a room. An elegant chandelier with a ceiling medallion molding is reflected in the oval rose carved mirror over the bed.

A tufted and fabric headboard is the epitome of elegant provincial design. No need to worry about bedside lamps since the candlestick wall sconces provide just enough soft light to set the romantic mood.

Panel moldings and chairrail break up the large wall space behind the king size bed. A pair of Empire vanity seats are upholstered in dusty rose velvet fabric.

Elegance and simplicity in design makes this bedroom a lush retreat.

Blue and Brown


Not all romantic bedroom designs need be soft or pale colors. This bedroom design uses color and textures to convey romance and elegance.

The first two design elements that communicate romance are the tufted velvet comforter and the scarf valance made from a patterned fabric. The comforter begs you to glide your hand over its rich surface. The scarf valance and drapery effect is reminiscent of Ancient Roman tunic styles. A potted palm tree gives the room a tropical exotic ambiance.

Blue is used effectively as an accent color that balances the brown tones. The furniture pieces enrich and further express a romantic flair to the overall bedroom design.

A Blank Canvas

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"Creating the perfect romantic bedroom is just as much about learning what romance means to someone as it is about constructing a livable fantasy," explains Noa Santos, co-founder and CEO of Homepolish.

Santos describes her design in this charming room, "For this client, romance was about effortless luxury, about being completely free in a space. So for this bedroom, the goal was to create a soft, blank canvas where the sense of touch reigns supreme," she adds.

Draped Nightstand


One of the best ways to create an air of romance is by layering fabrics of varied colors and textures.

The color palette of greens and golds give a restive and relaxing ambiance to this bedroom. The wall of glass is broken up with the stained woodwork that serves as an accent color to the overall room design.

Using different shapes for nightstands adds interest. Simply drape the round table with two different fabrics. The top silk pattern cloth has a gold fringe hem for a truly sexy look.

Candle wall scones notch up the elegance and romance factor. Placed on either side of the tufted silk linen headboard, the scones bring symmetry to the design. Add a layer of assorted throw pillows for the final touch of elegance in this bedroom design.

Ultra Style

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"Dark glamour comes in dusky rose and dark gray," Erika Woelfel, Behr's Director of Color shares color choices made for this stylish romantic design. Layers of colors are framed with moldings for greater definition. The bedroom has an added dimension of mirror panels on either side of the bed.

"Reflective surfaces and satiny materials keeps the mood light," Woelfel adds.

Colorfully Behr (from Behr paints).

Traditional French

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The tufted framed headboard and footboard are the centerpiece for this traditional romantic French bedroom. The palette choices are subdued hues with large segments of the walls framed in painted moldings.

Pairs of ceiling-high, brown toile draperies are the epitome of any traditional French interior. A carved stone decorative fireplace is accessorized in a perfect symmetrical design. An arched firescreen covered in a matching toile fabric repeats this design choice.

Dark antiqued bronze wall sconces and matching chandelier set the mood.

Lavender and White

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Create a fantasy bedroom with lavender walls and white bedding. Sheer draperies are wrapped around the bedposts and draped over the canopy frame to soften and contrast against the iron bed.

The classic look of a small, antique sideboard cabinet relegated to the bedroom is an inspiring eclectic choice. A repurposed wicker basket now serves as a bedside table to give a cottage touch to this room.

Behr paint used: Belladonna T13-5

Mauve Bedroom

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You can create a romantic hideaway with just a hint of mauve set against crisp white bedding. "We're big believers in making your bedroom into a relaxing, personal retreat from the stresses of the day," says the Joss and Main design team. "We love the subtle romance of this rose-toned bedroom-it reminds us of a gorgeous suite at a tucked-away B&B in the country."

"While the wallpaper and bedding have subtle florals, the clean whites and deep, contrasting wood furniture make it neutral enough for him and her. And what's more romantic than a canopy bed?"

Coming home to a restive bedroom like this is sure to set the right mood for romance!

Opulence for Romance

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Pull out all the stops and go opulent for a truly romantic bedroom design by Sarah Barnard. "This master bedroom exudes romance with a soothing brown color palette, luxurious four poster bed, tufted ottomans, natural woods, antique stains, and a dripping crystal chandelier that bring the romance to life," explains Barnard.

Attention to detail gives this room depth and a sense of true elegance. The trey ceiling is defined by dark and gold moldings that frame a light-colored patterned ceiling. The ceiling treatment offers a surprising and pleasing design feature while adding charm and intrigue to a richly textured interior.

Window treatments repeat the ceiling color contrast of light and dark with tasseled tie-back draperies.

A wonderful bedroom design that offers the ideal romantic retreat!

More design inspiration awaits you with Living Room Ideas.

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12 Romantic Bedroom Design Ideas to Fall in Love With