How to Use Rustic Barnwood Furniture in Your Home Decor

reclaimed barnwood furniture by Furniture From the Barn

If you're looking for unique furniture with rustic charm, reclaimed barnwood furniture would make an excellent addition to your home. This is furniture with a history, possibly straight out of the 19th century.

Add Barnwood Furniture to Your Home

Furniture makers and lumber companies painstakingly disassemble old historic cabins, barns and outbuildings to recycle the wood into custom-made furniture and rustic decor. This wood is sourced all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries in Europe and Asia. Prices for barnwood pieces vary according to the rarity, age and condition of the wood, as well as the craftsmanship of the furnishings.

You can have barnwood furniture shipped directly to your home from these online retail companies:

If you are interested in where the wood was sourced for your furniture or about its history, contact the company you're considering buying from for more details.

Rustic Barnwood Furniture Styles

The style of most barnwood furniture depends on the area it came from, the type of wood and how each artisan designs with it. Styles that can be achieved with reclaimed barnwood furniture include:

  • Cottage
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Rustic
  • French Country
  • Tuscan/Old World

Barnwood can be transformed into almost any style of furniture. Another element that adds to its appeal is the fact that barnwood is recycled lumber that doesn't contribute to the destruction of existing trees and forests.

Color and Finish

Wood weathers and ages differently, according to the type of wood it is and the kind of climate it was exposed to. Intense sunlight has the biggest effect on the wood's surface, more than moisture or wind combined. Therefore, wood that is reclaimed from buildings in warmer climates that had little or no protection from direct sunlight will be colored slightly differently than wood that was weathered in colder climates or in heavily forested areas. Reclaimed wood that was on the inside of the building will still retain most of its natural color. Wood exposed to the elements outdoors will have the characteristic silver-gray color associated with weathered wood.

Reclaimed oak and maple wood can range in color from light creams and warm golden tans to a dark reddish brown. There are many different species of pine such as white and red cedar, Douglas Fir and southern yellow pine. Aged southern yellow pine has beautiful gold and orange red tones, while Douglas Fir has a light reddish brown hue. Red cedar has a deep, rich reddish brown color, similar to Cherry wood. White cedar is very popular for wood furniture because of its creamy white color. Weathered barnwood that has turned silver gray will still have much of the original colors just under the surface of the wood.

Most barn wood furniture is treated with special finishes that enhance the natural colors and patinas that result from the aging process. The finishing process also makes the furniture soft to the touch and will help preserve the wood for generations to come.

Rustic Barnwood Furniture for Outdoor Living

Rustic reclaimed barnwood makes an excellent material for outdoor seating such as benches, tables and chairs. These pieces are attractive, sturdy and bring a rugged charm to your backyard or patio. Rustic planters, birdhouses and birdfeeders made from barnwood are available as well.


One of the most popular rustic home accessories are barnwood picture frames. The older and more weathered the wood looks, the more unique and attractive the frame becomes. Old barbed wire can be added to the frame, enhancing its rustic appeal. Other home accessories made from barnwood include mirror frames, signs, plaques and trinket boxes.

Furniture with a Past

When you buy a piece of furniture made from reclaimed barnwood, you know you are getting a one-of-a-kind home furnishing. Simple, sturdy, charming, rustic barnwood furniture gives new life to old wood and reduces the need for foresting. Unique and often an art form in themselves, barnwood tables or chests are sure to become family treasures.

LoveToKnow would like to thank Kelly from Furniture From the Barn for providing the image above of beautiful barnwood furniture. If you would like to read more about this family owned company located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, visit the company's About Us page.

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How to Use Rustic Barnwood Furniture in Your Home Decor