Slant Top Mahogany Desks: The Choice Is in the Details

Old slant top mahogany desk

A growing number of people are choosing to dress up their homes with beautiful slant top mahogany desks. These graceful, stunning furniture pieces make a classic statement in a variety of design styles and settings. The most eye-catching examples of slant top mahogany desks are usually antiques or vintage reproductions, but you can find sleek modern versions as well.

Slant Top Desk Basics

One of the best features of slant top mahogany desks is the front panel which opens and closes to conceal the contents on the desk interior. This solid front panel often features a locking mechanism operated with a skeleton key for added safekeeping. The fold-down panel also serves as a surface for writing or working when opened. Items on this handy surface should be moved inside the desk area or stowed away before closing up the desk front.

The front panel is typically held open with a lever or small chain, but some nicer models use sliders which operate more smoothly. The bottom portion of a traditional slant top desk features a series of full or half size size drawers for optimal storage. The dresser-like drawers make these pieces ideal for use in a master bedroom or guest room.

Slant top mahogany desks are similar to secretary desks which feature a bookcase or credenza on top. However, the slant top desk is perfect for small spaces due to its more compact size and fold-down front panel. Sometimes called a slope front desk or slant front desk, this style of writing table is commonly found at estate sales and auctions. As you look for slant top mahogany desks, you may also see them called bureau desks or Governor Winthrop desks after the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony during the 17th century, John Winthrop.

Selecting Slant Top Mahogany Desks

A well-known version of the slant top desk is the hand-crafted Colonial America block front shell desk. The Colonial style slant top desk usually has seashell shaped carvings on the front panel or on the body. This is just one distinctive style of slant top desk, but there are dozens more available ranging from traditional to modern designs.

When shopping for slant top mahogany desks, consider these type of details:

  • Solid mahogany construction
  • Swirl patterns in the wood grain
  • Dovetailed drawer construction
  • Carvings or decorative inlays
  • Brass hardware
  • Claw-and-ball or carved feet
  • Turned or fluted side columns

Stanley Weiss Collection

Get acquainted with antique slant top mahogany desks by browsing the Stanley Weiss Collection. Located in Providence, Rhode Island, this company has assembled one of America's prime collections of excellent antique furniture. They presently exhibit over six hundred furnishings including desks, sideboards, chairs, mirrors, tables, and clocks.

eBay and More

No furniture search would be complete without a look at the slant top mahogany desks up for sale on You can find bargains on all types of desks from antiques to new pieces, all from the comfort of home. Of course, don't neglect your local resources for wonderful slant top desks. Take a stroll through antique malls, estate sales, and flea markets in your area. You should also see what your city's Craigs List site has to offer.

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Slant Top Mahogany Desks: The Choice Is in the Details