17 Inspiring Bathroom Design Ideas in Photos

Modern Bathroom


From modern to classic, you can create a bathroom that is more than just a necessary room in your home. This modern bathroom is an oasis that beckons you to escape from the stress of your day and invites you to relax and relish in the pleasure of the moment.

His and Hers Comfort


A matching commode and bidet are just part of the contemporary design in this bathroom. Rich wood walls lend a modern, yet natural, theme to the room as well.

Classic Luxury


The freestanding bathtub centers on a view of the outdoors, allowing you to relax in luxury. The built-in cabinets and subtly accented floor help to complete the serene design by not competing for the eye's attention.

Natural Beauty


The multitude of neutral tones in this bathroom help to lend a sense of nature and tranquility. The large porcelain tiles provide a simple floor and tub deck that sets off the tatami walls and mosaic border.

Zen Design


The starkness of the dark walls and the beauty of a vessel sink create a unique look in this exquisite bathroom design photo. The wall-mounted faucet and oversized lights help keep the lines of the room looking clean and uncluttered.

Handmade Tiles


The beauty of this bathroom revolves around its handmade tiles. Each tile is subtly different from the others in size and glaze, which gives depth and interest to the space.

South of the Border


Terracotta tiles and a handpainted sink add an element of the Southwest to this bathroom with its bold colors and beautiful designs.

Log Cabin Bathroom


A log cabin bathroom can be as elegant or as rustic as you want. This tub, although modern, is reminiscent of old-fashioned stand alone tubs. The lighting is simple and the window treatment is a perfect touch.

Tropical Home Bathroom


A tropical home affords an awe-inspiring view for the porcelain tub. Tie-back sheers are easily drawn along the curtain rod for needed privacy. The floor has a drain to make cleanup easy. Wood plank ceilings add a rustic feeling and repeat the feel of nature.

Rock Wall Bathroom


A rock wall gives a dramatic and outside ambiance to this modern bathroom. Under counter lighting reflects the warmth of the wood. A glass-encased shower makes it feel as though you're showering outdoors.

Simple Bathroom Design


A rich, red accent wall introduces color into a neutral bathroom. The red is repeated with red crystals interspersed with clear crystals in the overhead chandelier. The modern toilet is low set and unobtrusive. Bardiglio marble tile on the floor offers movement and flair.

Make It Red


Mosaic wallpaper tiles on the adjoining shower wall and base of the shower stall set the stage for this dramatic bathroom design. The Absolute Black granite floor gives contrast and anchors the room. Notice the red lacquered cabinet on the right; there is a door that hides supplies and towels, while the upper glass door opens to glass shelving to store your toiletries

Purple and Yellow


This purple and yellow bathroom demonstrates how you can use your favorite colors in a modern design that pops. The modern stylized toilet goes great with this ultra hip design.



This is an excellent example of an upstairs bathroom built with a skylight. Mosiac tiles cover the angled wall, while the sink vanity reveals the lower tiled wall. Blinds can be opened to allow more light into the room.

Beach Bathroom


You won't feel blue in this tiled wall creation. A long window allows you a great view while you bathe in the curved triangle bathtub. The opposite vanity is mounted to the wall with space underneath, giving it a floating effect. The white tile floor inspires thoughts of a sandy beach.

Whimsical Bathroom


Create a very whimsical and elegant bathroom by thinking outside the design box. Wrought iron legs are used as a base for the granite top and a glass vessel sink gives depth to the area. Painting the ceiling and walls the same color helps to give the illusion of height.

Walk-In Shower


There is a growing trend for walk-in showers like this one. Slate tiles are used as design accents with a different floor in the shower stall than the bathroom tile. The darker tile border and the backsplash panel repeat the browns and golds of the cabinet counter. If you have room, a double sink is a wonderful convenience for your master bathroom.

Learn to decorate a bathroom of any size to finish off your design.

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17 Inspiring Bathroom Design Ideas in Photos