Colonial Kitchen Pictures to Inspire Your Ideas

Colonial Style Kitchen

Starting with the basics, historic Early American kitchens had a hearth where most of the cooking occurred fireside in dutch ovens and over-fire kettles.

This kitchen emulates a brick wall fireplace, but instead features a modern gas stove. Distressed cabinets set the ambiance of a rustic kitchen design that captures the feel of colonial times with overhead wood beams completing the look.

The overall design creates a perfect blend of modern kitchen design with period style touches.

Rustic Wooden Kitchen

Taking cues from time-honored kitchens of colonial days, this wood and stone kitchen shares its fireplace with the adjoining room.

Colonial style Windsor chairs cozy up to the eat-in bar and complement the warm tones of the cabinetry, floors and ceiling.

A Kitchen with Heart

This welcoming room also borrows the idea of a hearth in the kitchen with a bricked alcove for the classic cooker stove.

Plank floors and painted cabinetry with wooden knobs enhance the friendly feeling of this sunny kitchen.

A few hanging herbs cap off the casual design.

Elegant New Colonial Kitchen

An updated version of a traditional colonial room, this well-appointed kitchen features a granite-topped wooden island with turned legs. The style is reminiscent of large wooden tables used to prepare the meals.

A different style of incorporating the feel of a colonial hearth is created with the large arched cabinetry and range hood over the stovetop.

A stone tile backsplash completes the suggestion of a fireplace and mantle.

Modern Colonial Kitchen

This contemporary design is a streamlined version of old-fashioned colonial kitchen pictures. Function is foremost in this take on colonial style with suspended cookware as well as utensils and knives kept within easy reach.

Attention to detail draws this kitchen design into a Colonial period with rustic ceiling beams. Blue tilework is the focal point of the kitchen reminiscent of Dutch Delft Blue porcelain pottery popular in Colonial Williamsburg.

The wooden bench is very similar to colonial style Bannister back chairs. Concrete countertops offer a rustic feature in keeping with the time period while simple wood cabinetry and a modest cotton window valance create a down-to-earth vibe.

Rural Kitchen Appeal

A butcher block countertop crowns a substantial wooden island in this colonial inspired charmer.

Painted woodwork was a status symbol for the Colonist since it was so expensive to import. The distressed paint finish on the island recreates this treasured feature of colonial days.

Unpretentious baskets and ceramics decorate above the rustic wood cabinets while the apron front sink adds utility to the kitchen.

Spanish Style Kitchen

Colonial-era kitchens also included designs from the American southwest regions like Spanish Mission style.

This elegant kitchen features a striking wooden island which harmonizes with a modern granite countertop. A stone range hood evokes the feeling of a colonial hearth. The Spanish influence is felt with the decorative hand-painted tile splashback.

The metal and wood bar chairs interject the classic wrought iron element of this period style. Oversized tiles in a light color offer contrast and showcases the wood cabinets and island for a clean yet sophisticated interpretation of a Spanish colonial kitchen.

In-Kitchen Dining

Nothing makes a colonial statement the way an in-kitchen dining table does. The rustic plank style dining table is a perfect fit for this kitchen design contrasted with black painted chairs.

It's easy to envision the rough-hewed ceiling beams as having braced the ceiling of a colonial kitchen. The room is encased with wide plank floors, paneled walls and a wood slat ceiling. A nice contrast is created with the painted cabinets set against the stained wood paneling.

The final touch is the braided area rug that ties the period style together into a design that's picture perfect.

Brick Backsplash

You can have a contemporary kitchen with a colonial touch when you blend the two together with a classic element like this brick backsplash.

A daring choice for any kitchen, this element works because the color choice of the brick is just enough of a contrast with the painted cabinets, yet doesn't overwhelmed the decor.

The texture of the brick anchors the kitchen design with warmth and depth since there is nothing that speaks colonial the way brick does.

Wood Beam Kitchen

This kitchen features several colonial design elements starting with the hand-hewed ceiling beams. Set against a wood plank ceiling and there's instant rustic ambiance the moment you step into this kitchen.

In colonial tradition, gathering baskets are suspended from the beams for easy access when venturing into the vegetable garden. Open shelves and painted cabinets are authentic touches to the décor. Some of the other features resonant with colonial décor include:

  • Collection of pottery serving pieces
  • Round kneading board hung on the wall
  • Small lantern light fixture suspended over the sink
  • Round stacking boxes used for additional storage

Now that you have some great design ideas for your kitchen, get inspiration for the rest of your home with some great country style interiors.

Colonial Kitchen Pictures to Inspire Your Ideas