13 Bewitching Dream Master Bedroom Ideas

French Country Delight


Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, so it's only fitting that you create the master bedroom design of your dreams. No matter what style of home you live in, there is a design that will work for you.

This French Country bedroom uses soft hues of tan, gold and cream to create a soothing oasis which is grounded by a charming toile-patterned fabric. Casual elegance is exuded by the painted wood furniture and down-to-earth linens.

Modern Chocolate Bedroom


This sumptuous master bedroom is dripping in rich chocolate tones, which are highlighted by strategically placed accent lights. The sleek lines are repeated throughout the room, which gives it a cohesive look.

Oversized Space


Make the most of an awkward or large space by giving the impression of two rooms within one. In this master bedroom, curtains help to divide the space. The chandelier over the bed helps to illuminate one section, while the conversation area anchors the other.

Transitional Bedroom


Borrow from both traditional and contemporary design for a master bedroom filled with style and panache.

The canopy overhead with the intricate carvings keeps things grounded in tradition while the sleek floorboards and large picture windows lean more to the modern side. The colorful pattern of the bedspread helps to focus the design.

Small Master Bedroom


Make the most of tight quarters with functional and beautiful bedroom furniture. The crisp British Colonial style of this master bedroom is as fresh as an island retreat. The deep tones of the bedroom suite pieces are pleasantly balanced by the soft white linens and upholstery.

Rustic Bedroom Hideaway


This lofty log cabin bedroom allows for sleeping among the treetops and twinkling stars. Dramatic wood beams and paneling create immediate warmth and coziness, which is complemented by the earth-toned bedding.

Romantic Bedroom Design


Far from fussy, this formal bedroom design is soft and welcoming with a subtle romantic feel. The colors are soft and blend easily from one to the next, giving a soft glow of light to the entire space.

Beach Bedroom


Create a relaxing beach retreat inside your bedroom. Natural fibers near the headboard give a slight rustic and worn touch to the bed. Colors are soft, invoking the sand and sea, while the sleek tiles underfoot provide a smooth, cool feel to the space.

Loft Living


Lofts are becoming more frequently inhabited than ever before. Converted attic spaces with their sloped ceilings are also popular. This bedroom frames the bed against the slope of the loft behind it, giving the room a natural focal point. Sleek lines and cool colors complete the look.

Hot Tub


This master bedroom has its own built-in hot tub, as well as an entertainment center. Living in this bedroom is like having your own personal retreat and spa you get to come home to each day.

Seating Area


A small conversation area in front of the fireplace gives this master bedroom the ability to pull double duty. Curl up in bed with a book, or in front of the fire with a glass of wine.

Adjoining Deck


The large picture windows in this master bedroom open up to a full adjoining deck. The large cutout ceiling helps to give some height and a second focal point to the space.

Minimalist Bedroom Vision


Simplify your life and mind with dream master bedroom photos in true minimalist fashion. The monochromatic orange color scheme of this bedroom is both soothing and uplifting. The ginger tones of the wooden furniture are repeated in the linens and accent wall color. Mellow, indirect lighting casts a warm glow, emphasizing the headboard focal point. Two simple circular art pieces correspond to the rotund shape of the nightstands.

Looking for more ideas? Check out these bedroom design photos for the latest trends.

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13 Bewitching Dream Master Bedroom Ideas