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Glass Kitchen Tile Design Pictures

Sally Painter

Go Green: Recycled Glass Tiles

Glass kitchen tile design pictures can help you get a better idea what your backsplash or countertop will look like.

You can go green in your kitchen design by using glass tiles. Many glass tiles are made from recycled or reclaimed glass.

Be Bold With Your Color Choice

Color choices are endless when you opt for glass tiles in your kitchen design.

Opt For Novelty Tiles

Novelty tiles like these can give your kitchen a whimsical and personalized touch.

Glass Tiles Reflect Light

Glass tiles reflect light to enhance under the counter lighting while giving your kitchen a sparkling ambiance.

Combine Colors

You can use a combination of colors to make your kitchen truly one-of-a-kind.

Glass Kitchen Tile Design

Create a unique design or pattern with glass tiles.

This pattern makes an excellent focal point in your overall kitchen design.

Glass Tile Accents

If you've chosen a ceramic or stone tile for your backsplash you can add accent glass tiles for color and texture contrast.

Clear Glass Tiles

Textured clear glass can be installed over a painted wall or existing wall treatment to add depth to your kitchen.

Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colored glass tiles can highlight your countertops.

Patterned Glass Tiles

Patterned glass tiles create geometric shapes and the illusion of darker colors.

Dramatic Mural Backsplash

This mural was created using various hues of black, gray, white, and a few clear glass tiles.

Design a dramatic mural backsplash for glass kitchen tile design pictures.

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Glass Kitchen Tile Design Pictures