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contemporary office with built-in desk

Contemporary Style With Built-In Furnishings

No matter what type of office design you are searching for -such as contemporary, English country, colonial, or eclectic- incorporating your own style is easy. You may want to revamp a home office or carve out a new space for you to work at home. Let your workspace reflect the real you!

modern home office

Modern Look

Sleek furniture with high gloss finishes, neutral colors and a minimalist, uncluttered design give this office a modern look that's clean and crisp.

simple writer's home office

Simple and Quiet

A quiet corner free from distractions can make an excellent office for one who may only need a small writing desk and a laptop computer.

small home office

Small, Affordable Home Office

When space and budget are limited, a repurposed table placed near a window can serve as a small, humble home office.

minimalist style home office

Minimalist Style

Clean, simple lines and light, airy furniture provide an uncluttered look, perfect for a studio apartment, teen or modern bedroom office. A bright orange chair adds a fun pop of color.

traditional home office

Traditional Style

Beautiful antiques, rich tapestries and reproduction period style furniture create a classic look in a traditional style home office.

home office and study

Home Office and Study

Create a room that works as both a home office and study by filling the walls with beautiful bookshelves, adding a coordinating desk, and scattering a few personal accessories.

compact furniture decoration in eclectic home office
More Details

Eclectic Style

Not everyone adheres to the same standard of a desk and chair as the principal elements of a home office. Work the way you are most comfortable, even if that means emails or conference calls made while lounging on floor cushions, as in the case of this eclectic apartment office.

loft home office

Loft Home Office

Any available space can be converted into a homework space with just a few functional furnishings. A table, chair and sofa create a comfortable work space in this home's loft.

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Home Office Design Photo Gallery