How to Create a Faux Stainless Steel Accent Wall

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel faux wall painting and designs allow you to bring this striking and modern style into your home in a budget friendly way. Likewise, experimenting with faux stainless steel wall techniques are a little more understated than going for real stainless steel on your walls, so you can try out the style without jumping in feet first.

Create the Illusion of Stainless Steel Walls

Stainless steel wall options range from small, decorative pieces to sheets covering large portions of the wall. The look works best in modern and contemporary designs. Although stainless steel wall designs are eye catching, they can also be expensive. Using faux stainless steel designs can save you some cash while still letting you get the look.

When it comes to faux stainless steel options, you have wallpaper and painting.

Stainless Steel Effect Paint

Most paint manufacturers make a stainless steel effect paint (metallic paint), and you can simply opt to paint an accent wall with the paint to create the look of stainless steel plating on the wall. If you want to create the look of smaller stainless steel paneling on an accent wall, use the following steps:

  • If the wall is not already white, add two coats of white paint as a base. The base will need to dry overnight - do not try to move on until the wall is completely dry and set.
  • Decide what size you want your "panels" to be. Measure out these panels on the wall and mark them first with a pencil, and then with painter's tape. These will mark the areas in which you will be painting with your stainless steel paint, so make sure they are completely even and uniform in size. A yardstick can help you stay on track as you are marking your sections and then measure everything up before you start painting.
  • Now, mix your paint. Use one part of the stainless steel paint with two parts glaze. Be sure to make a batch large enough to complete the entire project as even a slight variation in batches will be evident in the final result.
  • One by one, use a paint roller to paint a single section. Then, use a sea sponge to create a slightly exaggerated stainless steel effect. Take a wet sponge and drag it randomly across various parts of the section and then dab the sponge across the section until your desired effect is achieved.
  • Repeat this process until all of your panels are covered. A second coat might be required to get your desired look.
  • While the paint is still wet, remove the painter's tape. If you find that you are pulling off some of the paint while you are removing the tape, use a knife to carefully pull it up.
  • Trace a line on one side and the top or bottom of each section so it looks like a shadow behind a piece of paneling. A black paint pen works well for this job.
  • Clear varnish should now be added to each faux panel. Use two coats.

Add Finishing Touches to Your Faux Stainless Steel Wall

You can draw a line under the project at this step. For extra pizzazz, glue silver/gray cardstock to each panel. Cut the pieces slightly smaller than your panels so that your paint work can be seen along the side. Hammer each piece in place using silver tacks so it looks like there are stainless steel panels screwed into the wall.

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How to Create a Faux Stainless Steel Accent Wall