20 Adorably Creative Playroom Storage Ideas

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Storage for a playroom is a vital consideration when designing or renovating. There are many choices available for storage.

Storage for a Playroom: Fun Choices

Just because the storage needs for your child's playroom serve a utilitarian function doesn't mean it has to be dull or unimaginative. If it's fun and exciting, your child may want to use the storage units and enjoy picking up the playroom when playtime is over.

Some cute and creative storage furniture pieces:

Storage Toy Chests

Toy chests serve the function of storing small to medium sized toys and come in a large range of styles, colors and material. For larger toys, you'll need to designate an area in the playroom or possible use the playroom closet for storage.

Some unique toy chest designs:

Portable Storage

Consider purchasing movable storage units that have wheels. This kind of unit becomes versatile and affords you with more options for your playroom as your child grows. A toy cart on rollers is an ideal storage choice for a playroom because it's mobile and aids in quick clean-up for toys. You can use several that can be wheeled away into a closet or returned to a designated place within the playroom.

Here are a few examples:

Shelving Units To Help Organize

You may discover that you need more than just bookshelves units for storage. You can select from stackable shelving units to individual units. You can use these to divide the playroom into designated play and work areas.

Bins: Best Kinds

Not all bins are created equal. Most kids become distracted easily and if a toy or book is out of sight, chances are they will forget they even have it. Clear bins help keep toys and items visible so a child will remember to play with them. If you aren't concerned about a toy being MIA for a while, then you may opt for some of the colorful plastic bin that looks like woven baskets. A big label on the front will help your child know what's inside. If your child doesn't read and write just yet, you can place take a photo of the items inside and paste it on the outside.

Playroom Closet: Storage and Organization

So often playroom closets are disaster zones. This is where the large toys you want out of sight get stuffed, along with everything else that doesn't fit in the nice shelving units or toy chests.

Maybe it's time to organize your child's playroom closet with a few inexpensive but great storage units.

If you don't use the closet for clothes and have no need for the typical rod found in a closet, then take it down and store somewhere else.

Next, add a few shelves to the back wall, making sure they are wide enough and strong enough to hold plastic tubs of toys that can be tossed inside. You can purchase several plastic tubs or drawer units on wheels and roll them out of the closet when it's playtime.

If you choose to leave the rod then you can suspend hanging shelf organizer.

Some helpful closet organizers for your child's playroom:

Storage Selections

You can pick and choose from large selections of bookcases, bookshelves, toy chests, and organizers. All of these offer great storage for a playroom.

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20 Adorably Creative Playroom Storage Ideas