Behind Taiwan Bamboo Furniture and Where You Can Find It


Taiwan bamboo furniture is an enormously popular kind of furniture that works well with many different styles of interior design. Bamboo furniture can be dressed up or dressed down to create a number of different looks, and its buyer friendly price tag makes it an ideal choice for almost anyone.

Taiwan Bamboo Furniture - The History

Although it has now been transported to other places, bamboo is indigenous to Asia and it grows most plentifully in Taiwan. Bamboo furniture was a part of Taiwanese decorating and furniture design for centuries, and some of it made it out of Taiwan and back to Western countries during years of Asian exploration, but it wasn't until the post World War II years that Taiwan bamboo furniture industry really took off. Pre-WWII, Japan occupied Taiwan and had invested extensively in the development of an industrial infrastructure to produce bamboo products of all sorts, including furniture. When the Japanese left Taiwan after the war, many locals set up bamboo furniture businesses using these factories, and bamboo furniture exports to the U.S. and Europe exploded.

In modern times, bamboo furniture products do not come from Taiwan exclusively - they are manufactured in many other places, with Vietnam being another important source of this kind of furniture. However, Taiwan bamboo furniture has developed a reputation of being of the best quality and design, and it is highly sought after.

Bamboo furniture is experiencing a huge boon in popularity for its environmental friendly aspects. Because bamboo grows ten times as fast as other trees, it is much easier to renew than other types of wood used in furniture. Of course, one must factor in the shipping of the furniture, especially if you buy from overseas, so the jury is still out on if bamboo furniture is greener than something produced locally.

Buying Taiwanese Bamboo Furniture

If a trip to Taiwan isn't on the agenda any time soon, there are plenty of places you can buy bamboo furniture from Taiwan without making the journey. If you have specific ideas about what you want, you can deal directly with an importer in your area, or if you want a unique design, you can deal with one of the hundreds of manufacturers in Taiwan - though don't forget to factor in the shipping costs associated with these options. If you simply are interested in picking up some bamboo furniture, these websites are good places to start your search:

  • Bamboo Showroom - The Bamboo Showroom in a U.S. based company that has a wide variety of indoor and outdoor bamboo furniture. They also boast prices to fit every budget.
  • Original Bamboo Factory - The bamboo used by the Original Bamboo Factory was grown in Jamaica, not Taiwan, but it is worth a look for its unique designs and consumer friendly shipping costs.
  • Kool Bamboo - Kool Bamboo's furniture all needs to be assembled, but you'll save on the price tag for buying it this way. Their take on bamboo has a distinctly tiki feel about it, but not so overdone that it doesn't work well inside and out.
  • Bamboo Creations - Bamboo Creations has beautiful furniture, and they also offer free shipping within the continental U.S., making them hard to beat.

Bamboo Friendly Design Styles

Bamboo furniture is very adaptable to different design styles, but some styles just seem to call out for it, including:

Bamboo also makes a unique choice for bedroom furniture. With the right accessories, bamboo furniture can work in almost any home.

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Behind Taiwan Bamboo Furniture and Where You Can Find It