Ultra Modern Home Design: Key Features for a Functional Space

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Ultra modern home design is increasing in popularity as the sustainability movement grows. If modern design is the idea of form following function then ultra modern design is the belief that function is paramount. Amid news of global warming, energy crises and limited natural resources, perhaps the most important function of design is sustainability.

Key Tenets of Ultra Modern Home Design

It only makes sense then that reducing and eliminating the impact of building materials on the environment is a key goal in ultra modern home design. However, sustainability is not the only design criteria for ultra modern homes. Evidence-based design is another key concept of modern design. Evidence-based design uses data and research to link the design of a home, or other interior, to the well being of the people living in the home. Therefore ultra modern homes are designed to provide maximum comfort and satisfaction for the people who live in them.

Other key tenets of ultra modern home design include:

  • the home as an extension of its natural surroundings: Ultra modern homes are designed to blend in with nature on the exterior and expose the homeowner to expansive views from the interior.
  • indoor living feels like outdoor living. This involves using natural materials and exposing views through glass walls and floating decks.
  • spaces that flow into each other. Ultra modern design values open spaces where energy can flow freely and homeowners can move easily from the kitchen to the living area to the home office.
  • building ergonomic living spaces. Comfort is a key goal in ultra modern design. Ergonomic floors, chairs and sofas are an integral part of a well-designed home.

Decorating an Ultra Modern Home

Keep these tips in mind when decorating an ultra modern home:


Use naturally renewable materials, materials with high recycled content, or long-lasting, durable materials. This includes aluminum, wood, bamboo, linoleum, teak, steel and vinyl.

Wall covering

Use non-toxic paint and wall colors made from milk protein and earth pigments. Let nature inspire the color and paint the walls muted browns, greens, blues and slate.

Add bold, artistic wall hangings to create a focal point and bring color and visual interest to a sparsely decorated room


Floors should flow from room to room and floor coverings should come from natural materials. Concrete, bamboo, teak and linoleum are all durable, sustainable choices for ultra modern floors.


Again, look for furniture made from low-impact materials such as wood and steel. Tempered glass table tops give the room visual appeal and add light. Most ultra modern furniture features clean lines, sculptural looks and ergonomic benefits. Invest in well-made signature pieces that you will keep for years rather than throw-away, low quality items.


Keep windows unobstructed to allow for ample views of the outdoors. Window treatments should be functional not frilly. Consider using glass that reflects infrared "heat" energy back into the home, greatly enhancing the thermal performance of the window.

Resources for Ultra Modern Furnishings

Here are some great resources for ultra modern design:

  • Dwell magazine is a monthly publication focused on modern design. It profiles new homes, commercial buildings and products.
  • Trendir magazine is a home decorating magazine that has an entire section dedicated to ultra modern design.
  • NY Loft is a group of architects, designers and installers who specialize in modern kitchens and home interiors.
  • Ultra Modern is a contemporary, online furniture shop with an extensive line of merchandise and free home delivery.
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Ultra Modern Home Design: Key Features for a Functional Space