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Unique Children's Bedroom Accessories


Unique children's bedroom accessories will really make your little one's room come alive. A child's bedroom can be a playground for an interior designer - it is the one room in the house that you can use to really inject a little fantasy into things. In what other room can you decorate with a princess theme or turn the room into a prehistoric dinosaur cave? If there is one downside to decorating a child's bedroom, it is that so many of the accessories available fall into the category of "same old, same old." If you really want to make your child's room the coolest one of the block, then you will need to invest in some unique children's bedroom accessories. Only then will your child's adventureland truly be one of their own.

About Children's Bedroom Accessories

Before you can get to the fun stuff - the actual shopping for the accessories - you need to consider a few factors. When you're buying children's bedroom accessories, remember to buy things that are age appropriate for your child. That glass figurine may be beautiful and it may be just the thing to pull your design idea together, but that glass figurine will likely end up in a million little pieces on your toddler's floor. Breakable pieces should only be included in the rooms of kids who are old enough to handle them. Remember to also keep an eye out for sharp corners or exposed wires when decorating for your younger children.

It also pays to get your child's input into the bedroom accessories you buy, no matter how young they are. Again, let them help in an age appropriate way, but you may be surprised to find out how many specific likes and dislikes even a toddler has developed. Involving them in the process will mean you are both happy with the room - and imagine how much easier it will be to get them to clean up if they feel like they really have a stake in their bedroom!

Where to Get Unique Children's Bedroom Accessories

Local boutiques in your hometown that cater to children can be a great place to find some truly unique styles - often one of a kind. However, if you don't have any places like these in your area, or if you just want to check out the widest selection possible, then the internet can be a veritable treasure trove of children's accessories. The following websites have a great selection, in a variety of prices (from the over-the-top expensive to the bargain basement cheap) and are a great starting point for your unique accessory expeditions:

  • Posh Tots - When they say "posh tots," they aren't kidding. The prices on this website are very expensive, but wow, do they have some cool accessories you can be sure the neighbors don't have. Everything is broken down by theme, and even if you don't actually shop here, the website is a great ideas factory.
  • Jack and Jill Furniture - Often, specialty children's bedroom accessories are aimed at girls, but as the name suggests here, Jack and Jill also has a wide selection of cool, unique accessories for the young men out there, too. Why should the girls have all the fun?
  • The Kids' Window - Another UK based website that sells decals for children's room windows, as well as tons of kid friendly wall art.
Unique Children's Bedroom Accessories