Using a Cork Board in Interior Design for Kids & Grown-Ups Alike


For fun and flexible design styles, why not try using cork board in interior design? While cork board is always a fun addition to a child's or teen's bedroom, you might be surprised to learn that you can also incorporate cork board into your home décor without sacrificing your grown up good taste. This versatile design material has many uses, is easy to work with, and is affordable, so it makes a great medium for you to use when you're trying to flex your interior design muscles and try out new styles.

Doing it for the Kids

Although cork board can have many grown up applications, as we will discuss later, the first thing that comes to everyone's mind when discussing the use of cork board in home design is kids' bedrooms. Think about the constant bedroom design battleground most parents and kids face off on - the kids want free reign to express their creative little minds and their own personal style, while the parents want a room that fits into the rest of the house just a little bit - and they don't want to decorate with a wild style that will pass out of fashion before you even finish your design. Enter the cork board. With a cork board on hand, you kids can implement all of the different styles and elements they want to have in their rooms without actually inflicting any long term design mistakes on the room itself. In six months time, when your child takes stock of their room and wonders "what was I thinking," then all they need to do is remove all traces of that style from the cork boards to return the room to a blank canvas.

How can kids use cork board for their room designs? Give these ideas a try:

  • Tack photos and posters of favorite bands/movie stars/sports figures to the cork boards instead of the walls, so you aren't left with tape marks or tack marks on the wall when the posters come down.
  • Create a collage using downloaded clip art or clippings from a magazine or newspaper that express feelings, interest in a favorite hobby, or simply images that they like.
  • Display photos of friends and fun times.
  • Paint the wooden edges of cork board in favorite colors or designs.

Using Cork Board in Interior Design - Grown Up Style

Why should the kids get to have all of the fun? There are plenty of ways you can use cork board in your own room designs without giving off the impression that you're stuck in college dorm decorating mode. Using cork board in interior design has all the same advantages for grown up design as it does for the kids - you will minimize the number of nail holes you have to put in your walls, and you will be able to do some decorating without committing to any one look. Try out a few style elements using a cork board, and if you don't like them, simply remove them and voila - back to the blank canvas again.For new ways to use cork board in your decorating projects, consider the following ideas:

  • Cut your cork board into smaller pieces and use them as picture frames - you can decorate the wooden edges with paint or stencils.
  • HGTV has a great project idea for turning cork boards into room dividing screens. With some cork board, unfinished doors, hinges, and paint, you can create a modern version of the Japanese room dividers to actually split up a dual purpose room or simply to add a conversation piece to your home.

Your Cork Board Decorating Ideas

Do you have a great tip for using cork board in decorating? Tell us about it! Leave a comment and spread your cork board decorating wisdom around.

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Using a Cork Board in Interior Design for Kids & Grown-Ups Alike