Valentine's Day Decorating to Fill Your Space With Love


If you think interior design can't get romantic, then a brush up on Valentine's Day decorating ideas is in order. Even though Valentine's Day only lasts 24 hours, you can still borrow the colors and themes of the holiday to jazz up your home décor. Make your home your Valentine with these decorating ideas.

About Valentine's Day Decorating

Valentine's Day decorating can be a fun and charming addition to any home and a great way to get into the mood for the season. However, like most special occasion decorating, there are a few general rules you should keep in mind. The first one is that special occasion decorating is all about accessorizing instead of making lasting changes. For instance, for Valentine's Day, you may add a Valentine's themed runner to your table or put some Valentine's pillows on your sofa. These things make an impact during the season and then can easily be put away when it is over (to make room for your next set of seasonal decorating touches!).

Second, be aware that a few tasteful touches can be enough to make your Valentine's theme come to life. Coco Chanel's oft repeated rule of accessorizing - always take off the last accessory you put on - can work for interior design as well and can be a good rule of thumb if you are worried about walking that tricky line between charming and cheesy.

And the last rule is - above all else, enjoy it! Valentine's Day decorating, like all seasonal decorating, is supposed to be fun and give your home a breath of fresh air, so start decorating and don't sweat the details.

Valentine's Day Decorating Ideas

Are you ready to give your home the loved up look? These Valentine's Day Decorating ideas will get your started:

The Color of Love

What color says Valentine's Day more than red? Making red the central theme of your Valentine's decorating is an obvious choice - you can break it up with punches of white. You can add more variety to your look by using several shades of red, from light pink to deep jewel tones.

Table Decorating

A great dinner is often part of Valentine's Day, whether it is a candlelit dinner for two or an anti-Valentine's day dinner with your single friends. Table décor therefore is an important part of Valentine's Day decorating. A red tablecloth or tablecloth with Valentine's designs like hearts or cupids are a good option, or you can branch out a little bit by opting to use Valentine's themed placemats and table runner in lieu of a cloth. Hearts and flowers confetti, red, white and pink candles, and floral centerpieces also make good choices.

So Good You Could Eat It

Valentine's Day brings candy, and there are plenty of ways you can use these sweet treats in your decorating. Look for plastic candleholders that have a hollowed out tube as the base, and fill the base with conversation hearts, cinnamon imperials, or your favorite Valentine's Day candy. You can also use hard candies that come in individual plastic wrappers (with twists on the ends) to make a candy wreath. Simply bend a wire coat hanger into a circular shape and use wire to attach the twisted end of the pieces of candy to your coat hanger base. Last but not least, get out your glue gun and a batch of your favorite Valentine's hard candy and turn a boring old plant pot into a Valentine's inspired centerpiece.

Odds and Ends

The easiest way to get the Valentine's theme going in your house is to ramp up your accessories. Try these ideas on for size:

  • Valentine's themed dish towels, like these from Lillian Vernon
  • Valentine's candles - these can simply be red, white, and pink candles, or they can be candles with Valentine's inspired designs, like these heart shaped floating candles.
  • Flowers galore - roses are of course the traditional flower of Valentine's day, but you can mix it up with tulips, Gerber daisies, or any other flower you like - just look for Valentine's colors.
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Valentine's Day Decorating to Fill Your Space With Love