16 Creative Playroom Wall Decor Ideas to Add to the Fun

Creative wall decoration for playroom.

Wall decoration for playrooms can help give the finishing touches to your design. If you're working with a design theme, then you can carry it out with a wall decoration or a group of wall decorations.

Size Matters

The size of your wall decoration will be determined by the overall wall space available and the size of your room. You want it to be in proportion with the wall and the room so it doesn't overpower your room design. The wall decoration will be a focal point of the room and needs care when hanging it so it becomes an added feature not a distraction to the room's overall design. The right wall decoration can tie the elements of your design together.

Types of Wall Decorations

You can choose from all kinds of wall decorations. Graphics can be used in groupings. These are made out of foam, wood, plastic, wallpaper, vinyl decal, and other materials. You might want to go for a more personalized style by ordering a wall graphic with your child's name on it. Many wall art designs can have a dual purpose such as a wooden clothes peg designed as a large painted flower that serves as wall decoration.

Wall quotes are fun for your child and can be changed out if using a vinyl decal. Alphabet decals can be used on the walls to stimulate your child's learning to read and write.

Some other choices for your playroom's wall decoration:

Wall Quotes

Wall Art and Graphics


Fun Animal Wall Art

Wall Decals

Personalized Art

Multi-Purpose Wall Art


Homemade or Customized Wall Decorations

Customized and homemade wall decorations can become a fun project for you and your child. There are many unique kinds of projects kids will enjoy completing with you. Some companies allow you to upload your photos and then create wall art. You may enjoy updating the playroom wall decoration or do a different wall art project each year.

Wall Decoration for Playrooms: Making Your Own

Consider turning this project into one you can do with your child. You can add wall art and decorations that are personalized or handmade to give your playroom a special feel.

Handprints in plaster

Casting your child's handprints in plaster is a keepsake you'll always cherish and one you can use as a wall decoration. You can add to this set each year as you mark your child's growth.

Create Your Own Stencils

This is something that can be very creative and give your child a sense of pride and ownership of the playroom. Go shopping for the stencils and let your child make the selection and paint colors. You can supervise the project and the two of you have a great time together.

Photos Make Great Wall Decorations

There are all kinds of ways you can use photos of your child to decorate the walls of the playroom. There are many companies that will create wall decals of your photos. You could also create a photo collage out of some of your child's favorite memories, family trips and other fun activities.

Make It Fun

Wall decoration for playrooms are fun to create and will give years of enjoyment for you and your child.

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16 Creative Playroom Wall Decor Ideas to Add to the Fun