Wallpaper Border for Girls: Types and Ideas to Closely Consider

Butterfly wallpaper border in girl's room

Picking out wallpaper border for girls is a fun way to redo an existing room or to begin decorating a new room.

Age Matters

Wallpaper border for girls can be chosen for a variety of reasons, but one very important factor should be the age of the girl who occupies the room. If you love decorating, and you don't mind redoing a room every couple of years, then choose something that will work for your girl right now. However, if you are like many other moms or dads, you may want to decorate your daughter's room in such a way that it will stay in style for several years. If so, choosing a babyish wallpaper border just may not cut it.

  • Is your daughter still a baby or toddler? If so, there is nothing wrong with going for the baby girl look since your little one will enjoy her room throughout the toddler years as well.
  • If you are already into the toddler years, though, then the preschool and kindergarten years aren't far behind. Once your girl gets in school, you'll find that she has definite opinions about what she likes and dislikes, so you may want to choose a border that will grow with her.
  • Do you have a preteen or teen in your home? If so, you'll definitely want to get her input as you look at wallpaper border for girls.

Types of Borders

Not only do you have to consider style when shopping for wallpaper borders, but you must also decide what type of border you want to purchase. There are several types, and the most common include the following:

  • Non-pasted Borders-This is probably the least popular, as you'll have to purchase and apply paste to these borders before putting them on your walls.
  • Pre-pasted Borders-These are very common, and you apply them with the same procedure that you would for pre-pasted wallpaper-wet them in sections, apply, and smooth.
  • Self-adhesive Borders-These are easy to apply and easy to remove. You just peel and stick.

Wallpaper Border for Girls

When you first begin shopping for wallpaper border you may be a little overwhelmed at all the patterns and styles available. Again, consider the age of your girl, her likes and dislikes, and also consider how long you plan to be in the home. If you think you'll sell it in a year or so, don't pick something that is too loud or colorful, and consider using self-adhesive borders for easy removal. In some cases, people choose to decorate an entire room based on the colors and/or patterns in the wallpaper border. You can choose a primary color and add accents from secondary colors throughout the pattern. Popular borders for girls include the following:

  • Ballerinas and Bows Borders-Choose borders that feature ballerinas dancing or just ballerina slippers and bows. You can expand on the theme by adding ballerina slippers as a wall hanging, painting the room in pink and white, and even stenciling more designs along the door frame or around a window.
  • Princess Borders-Always a favorite among young girls, look for borders that feature one or several princesses. Consider adding pictures or stencils of castles, carriages, and even glass slippers. Use lots of gauzy material around the windows and even over the bed.
  • Fairy Borders-Fairies are also popular, and these work for girls of all ages. For older girls, choose fairies that have a more grown-up look to them, and for younger girls look for fairies with sweet, cherub faces. Play up the whimsical look by adding fairy lamps, pictures, and figurines around the room as well.
  • Tie-Dye Cool Borders-Teens love the look of tie-dye, so look for borders that incorporate this style. Create tie-dye curtains using white sheets that you've twisted and dyed yourself in a variety of colors.

More Ideas

For more ideas and to see some great wallpaper borders that you can order, check out the following sites!

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Wallpaper Border for Girls: Types and Ideas to Closely Consider