Know Your Wallpaper Border Basics and Options


‎Wallpaper borders can help establish a design theme or infuse a room with personality. There are thousands of border designs on the market to harmonize with almost any decorating style.

Wallpaper Border Basics

Nearly all wallpaper patterns come with coordinating borders in various colorways. These wall borders are optional, but often add a finishing touch to the wallpapered room. An attractive wallpaper border can also be used alone on painted walls to incorporate more color or pattern into the space. Wall borders come in numerous heights with a range of five to ten inches tall being the most common. Although the majority of wallpaper borders have straight edges, borders with die-cut edges are now more easily found.

The traditional position for wallpaper borders is parallel along the ceiling line, but they could also be installed above or below a chair rail in the middle of a wall. A wall border can even be mounted on its own running horizontally along the center line of a wall. This approach will mimic the look of a divided wall or join two different wall colors where they meet. As well, there are some specialty oversized wallpaper borders for children's rooms which are usually installed parallel along the baseboards. These jumbo decorative wall borders usually feature a mural scene and can be two to three feet high for a dramatic room design.

Options for Wallpaper Borders

In addition to traditional wallpaper borders that are pasted on, there are also peel and stick wall borders available. These removable borders are ideal for renters and also for use in children's rooms where design themes may change often. RoomMates offers self-adhesive wallpaper borders that install and remove with ease. The available border designs on their website include sports teams, licensed cartoon characters, and nature themes. For more modern rooms, check out the contemporary peel and stick wallpaper borders from Wall Pops.

Sherwin-Williams online wallpaper border store allows users to speedily search by subject, color, or both. Sherwin-Williams also carry their own line of EasyChange wallpapers and borders. This new line of pioneering wallpaper borders can be effortlessly removed without using steamers or chemical strippers. EasyChange simply peels off in full size sheets with no scraping required and no damage to the wall surface. The wallpaper border sheets can even be reused on a new wall.

The very popular peel and stick wall phrases can also apply to wall borders. A custom phrase can be ordered through a company like Uppercase Living and placed around the top of a room for a unique wallpaper border idea.

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Know Your Wallpaper Border Basics and Options