Window Covering Ideas to Consider for Stylish Privacy

window covering ideas

Window covering ideas can run the gamut from curtains to blinds and more. Keep reading for more tips on what to place on your windows!

Window Covering Ideas

Whether you hire a decorator or you tackle a room makeover yourself, our window covering ideas will help you get started. Choosing a window covering involves several points to consider.

  • Size-The size of your window will often dictate the type of covering you need.
  • Cost-The cost of a window covering may be related to size as well, depending upon how large an area you want to cover.
  • Style-There are so many options out there, so take a moment to decide what style will look best in the room you are decorating.
  • Light-This is one aspect of selecting a window covering that many people don't stop to consider. Take a look at your room. Is it already dark, depending upon its wall color and/or its location in your home, or is it bright and airy? Do you want to darken or lighten it? The window dressing you choose can play heavily into the amount of light a room has.

Window Curtains

If you are leaning toward window curtains, you still have several decisions to make regarding style. Some people prefer curtains, while others look for drapes or valances. The choice is purely personal.


The term curtains can apply to a variety of window covering designs. Curtains can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Some of the following window covering ideas are simple to do, and many of these are no-sew projects.

  • Tie-Back Curtains-Tie-back curtains involve using two panels hung on a rod, and adding tie-backs for each curtain. Tie-backs can be made out of the same material as the curtains, or you can get more creative with ribbon, strings of beads, necklaces, lace, shells, tassels, etc.
  • Puffed Curtains-For this idea you make one panel larger than the actual window width so that when the curtain is bunched on a top rod, you have pleats. Put another rod through the bottom of the curtain and install it about two-thirds down the window from the top rod. Tension rods work best for this style. The curtain actually makes a "pocket" at the back. To create a "balloon" look, fill the pocket with plastic bags. These can't be seen, but they give the style a rich look you'll love!
  • Draped Curtains-Instead of using curtain rods, measure the width and length of the window, then purchase material that will fall around the frame of the window. This can be floor length or not, depending upon your preference. Use decorative hooks at the top corners of the window to drape the curtain on, or place a nail in each top corner of the window. Using rubber bands, gather the material in each top corner of the curtain, and create a rosette, wrapping the rubber band around the nail.
  • Tied Curtains-Place a curtain rod at the top of the window, then add unusual ties to the top of two curtain panels, such as raffia, ribbon, twine, jewelry, etc.
  • Napkin Curtains-Drape large, cloth napkins over a pretty rod so that they cover the top of the ribbon. Drape them in a diamond shape with the triangular ends hanging down over the window.


Window valances look great with or without curtains underneath. Valances are usually rectangular or scalloped in shape. They can be coordinated in matching or contrasting colors to coordinate with the rest of your window treatments, or they can be used alone.


The term "drape" is often interchanged with "curtain", but typically drapes are made of heavier material. In some cases drapes are used along with sheers, giving you the option of pulling the drapes closed to darken the room, or leaving them open so that the sheers filter out any harsh light but still give the room a more airy feeling.

Window Blinds

Many people prefer to forgo curtains altogether, choosing instead to purchase window blinds. Blinds come in a variety of styles as well and may be made of vinyl, metal, or wood. Some blinds have slats, while others have louvers. They may be hung horizontally or vertically, depending upon the style. You can purchase standard sized blinds or custom order them. Blinds are great for patio doors, and mini blinds are often used in combination with curtains, a great option for smaller windows in kitchens and bathrooms.

Window Cornices

Window cornices are much like valances, but instead of being constructed out of cloth, they are created out of some type of sturdy material, such as wood, iron, etc. Cornices are often painted or covered with foam batting and material. Curtains can be added to give a more elaborate and finished look to the cornices as well.

More Ideas

For more window covering ideas, check out the following websites:

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Window Covering Ideas to Consider for Stylish Privacy