Different Window Seat Cushion Styles, Patterns & Ideas

Add pillows to finish look.

Window seat cushions are the final touch for this area of your room.

Different Styles Set Moods

You can create different moods with a window seat niche depending on your selections of:

  • Fabric Material
  • Pattern
  • Color
  • Cushion Style

Fabric Material Selections

There is a wide range of fabric materials you can use for your cushion. The room's décor and function where the window seat is located will determine your selection of fabric material.

Favorite Fabric Choices:

  • Velvet - Romantic choice for a bedroom or formal living room
  • Suede - Has the look of velvet but not quite as feminine
  • Leather - Good choice for a den, office or library
  • Denim - Country themed room or beach house
  • Brocade - More of a formal look
  • Chintz - Elegant fabric for any room
  • Embroidered - Adds a touch of nostalgia
  • Damask - Great with period style furniture and decor
  • Corduroy - Informal and casual

Patterns and Colors

There is a vast choice of fabric patterns and colors for your cushion. You'll want your window seat to blend with the rest of the room, yet serve as a focal point or centerpiece to showcase this seating feature. You can accomplish this by choosing a pattern that complements and carries out the overall design of your room. Choose a pattern with the same colors you've used in the room. You may wish to forego a pattern and use a solid color for an accent to repeat the color of your couch or bedspread. Get a sample of the fabric you intend to use and see how it looks in the room.

Ask yourself several questions:

  • Does it blend with the overall room design?
  • Does it draw attention as a focal point or does it stand out as though it doesn't belong?
  • Does the pattern go well with the other patterns in the room or does it clash?
  • Do the colors match those of the room's décor?
  • How much use will the window seat get? Can the fabric hold up under daily use?

Once you've answered these questions, you should have a better idea of what kind of material, pattern and colors to use.

Window Seat Cushions: Styles

There are all kinds of styles for your cushion. Each style creates a different mood or look.

Three Most Popular Styles

While you can choose from several cushion styles, the three most popular styles range from informal to formal.

Plain Cushion

  • You may opt for a simple cushion style that is very utilitarian without any kind of embellishments. This style goes well with a contemporary design or Asian design. Clean lines and a simplistic appeal make this kind of cushion popular.

Tufted Cushion

  • This style gives added firmness and a cozy ambiance. If you have a leather or velvet couch or headboard, this style of cushion would be a good choice for repeating the design. Tufted cushions can have upholstery buttons within the tufts or blind tufts with no buttons. Each has a distinct look with buttoned tufts giving a more masculine feel.

Boxed and Welted

  • Also called box welt or welted box, this style gives a formal appearance. If your furniture in the room is boxed and welted upholstered, then a window seat with a boxed and welted cushion would help tie the window seat into the overall room design.
Stylish window seat with clean lines.

Foam Shapes

Your cushion will be determined by the shape of the foam. There are several shapes you can use for your window seat cushion. You may choose to use more than one cushion for your window seat especially if it's a large window. Two or three cushions can be used for large windows, especially if the window seat is part of a bay window in a breakfast nook.

Window Seat Foam Cushion Shapes:

  • Rectangle
  • Rectangle with rounded front corners
  • Rectangle with rounded front and back corners
  • Rectangle with rounded back corners
  • Trapezoid with sharp corners
  • Trapezoid with rounded front corners
  • Trapezoid with rounded back corners
  • Trapezoid with rounded front and back corners

Other Cushion Form Material

You may prefer a different material for your cushion form.

Three Most Popular:

  • Down Feathers - Available in varying quality
  • Cluster Polyester or Faux Down -Synthetic filler that simulates down
  • Cotton Batting - Available in varying density

Comfort First

You want to make sure your window seat is comfortable. If it looks wonderful but is uncomfortable to sit in, then the space won't be used. So take the time to select a comfortable cushion form.

Criteria for a Comfortable Cushion:

  • Foam Density - Test several cushions before purchasing
  • Thickness - How thick do you want your cushion?
  • Depth - Your window seat needs to be deep enough but not too deep for comfortable sitting.

Window Seat Locations

If you are in the planning stages of a renovation or home construction and wish to include a window seat, then you may wish to consider some of the most popular locations of this functional and inviting feature.

Popular Rooms for Window Seats:

  • Den - Near fireplace or between two bookcases
  • Bedroom - Window beside bed or sitting area
  • Kitchen - Breakfast area bay window used as seating for table
  • Office or Library - By fireplace, between bookcases, reading area
  • Hallway - End of hallway or nook
  • Staircase - Top of staircase or nook

Window Seats and Cushions

Decorative pillows add a great accent touch to your window seat cushions and can be embellished with tassels, rope cord, beads, or sequins for a romantic feel.

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