Window Treatment for Short Windows: Simple & Unique Ideas


If you have an older or mid-century home, you may be seeking a window treatment for short windows. Most windows used decades ago were not as expansive as the panes of glass seen in modern construction. The reasons for this were cost as well as logistical concerns. Large panes of glass were simply not supported in older construction methods. Now, it is up to creative homeowners and designers to come up with an innovative window treatment for short windows.

Simple Ideas for Short Windows

Sometimes, the best ideas are the simplest ones. A window treatment for short windows need not be complicated to address the issue at hand and make the most of the window. One idea is to use materials that completely cover the window, so that the casual observer believes the window to be larger than it actually is. Consider installing long shades that hang well below the short window.

A flat or hobbled roman shade will make an excellent statement, and it can be pulled up when light is desired. When the roman shade is down, it will appear that the window is the same size as the shade on top. An option to the soft fabric roman shade is a bamboo shade or woven wood shade - both of which have a wonderful, rich texture. These are semi-translucent, so the outline of the small window may show during the day. A privacy or blackout lining can be added to minimize this effect.

A different approach to tackle a window treatment for short windows is to use a café curtain on a decorative wood or iron rod. This type of curtain only covers the lower part of the window, leaving the top open for maximum light and view. Because of this factor, it is mostly appropriate for rooms where privacy is not an issue. The standard café curtain is hung about midway on a window, but you could hang it a little lower and let the rest of the curtain extend the length of the window as far down as you like. It is also a good idea to think about some design tips which can help lighten a dark room with small windows.

Unique Ideas for Short Windows


Instead of trying to cover up the problem, you can opt to accentuate the windows. Play up a window treatment for short windows by installing elaborate or colorful stained glass panels which will capture the light in fascinating ways. Since this option can get pricey, you can also look into faux stained glass or window film that looks like the real deal. Find a large assortment of faux stained glass designs at Artscape and Gila. Use paint and a stencil (or hire a decorative painter) to add even more drama, color, and flair around the window casing.

Another interesting option is to use window inserts made of wrought iron or carved wood. This idea will require a very handy person or the services of a craftsman who can create a custom, built-in design. An option that is comparable is a faux wrought iron product called Luna Piena Tableaux. These custom designed motifs look like grille work or lattices and can be made to fit any size window or opening. There are standard designs that can be modified to any shape or size, but you can also design your own distinctive variation.

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Window Treatment for Short Windows: Simple & Unique Ideas