How to Decorate With a World Map for Your Kids' Room


Satisfy your little budding geographer with world map décor for kids' rooms. Maps are a unique and interesting way to jazz up any kid's bedroom; in a world of princess themed kids' rooms and race car themed kids' rooms, it can be nice to find something that is a little bit outside of the box. Your son or daughter will love to show off their cool, map covered rooms to friends - hey, who knows, you may even start a trend! Plus, just between the adults here, what better way to sneak a little bit of extra educational experience into your kid's world? They'll ace those map quizzes every time!

The Benefits of World Map Décor for Kids' Rooms

As we've just established, using world map décor can be educational for your child, which is enough to make any parent stand up and applaud. But world map décor has even more selling points that make it a serious contender when considering your interior design options. Why should you consider using world map décor in your child's room? For starters, how about because:

  • World map décor is not gender specific. Boys and girls can equally agree on maps as an attractive option for a bedroom.
  • Map décor can grow with your child. As soon as you deck your little one's room out, floor to ceiling, in gear from the latest Disney movie, you can bet they will be SO over that movie. The little teddy bear themed room you created for your toddler will not be so cute when your little girl becomes a teenager, and teenage boys can't very well bring their friends into a room decorated in G.I. Joe paraphernalia. Maps are cool for all ages, which means you don't have to shell money out on redecorating every six months.
  • Maps are relatively cheap and widely available.

The Basics of World Map Décor

Just because you're decorating with maps doesn't mean you are limited in the style or colors you can incorporate into your child's bedroom. There are lots of different styles of maps available, including:

  • Standard style maps with blue used for bodies of water and land depicted in yellow, white, green, or some other bold color.
  • Antique maps which typically incorporate colors like beige, brown and red
  • "Surreal" maps which are geographically correct but use unusual colors or shapes to depict the world

You can build your child's room décor around the kind of maps you choose. For instance, if you use antique maps in the room, you could use an explorer theme and look for bedding and accessories that create the image of an African safari or Old World sea voyages to the colonies.

Another way to approach wall map decorating in kids' rooms is to choose a specific geographic region and decorate around that. So, if your child is old enough to have a dream travel destination, then use that as the basis for your decorating. For the budding Francophile, you could use detailed maps of France on the walls, including maps for the Metro system in Paris, and then include accessories like miniature Eiffel Towers, photos from the French Riviera and the countryside, and so on. If your child can't wait until they are old enough to sail around the Caribbean, then decorate their rooms with maps detailing the hundreds of island in the Caribbean and use bright, West Indies inspired colors for the bedding and on the walls. Focusing on a specific geographic region opens up a world of possibilities.

World Map Décor Resources

The following online resources will help you take your wall map décor ideas for kids' rooms further. Some of these links take you to map retailers while others show you successful design projects that have used wall maps as their inspiration:

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How to Decorate With a World Map for Your Kids' Room