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Bathroom Design

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Designer Bathroom

The bathroom can be an aesthetically pleasing room in your home and deserves equal design attention as other rooms in your home. Spend time planning your ideal bathroom for a beautiful and cohesive design. You can find numerous design tips on the best finishes and fixtures as well as ideas on how to design your bathroom to go with the rest of your home décor.

Bathrooms for Everyone

Most modern homes have a master bathroom and another that's used primarily by the children. Some larger homes have "en suite" bathrooms for each bedroom. Regardless of the number of bathrooms your floor plan allows, you can create stunning and practical designs to meet the needs of everyone in your family.

Children's Bathrooms

Find great design ideas for creating a fun accessible bathroom for your children while providing ample storage space and clever tips. Learn how to meet the needs of the little ones in your home while discovering some of the best kids' bathroom accessories.

Master Bathroom

Master bathrooms can be a simple or elaborate designs. Lots of design tips with photos can assist you in making the right choice for your master bathroom. Learn about bathroom and bedroom accents to select that will offer a smooth design transition from one room to the next.

Guest Bathrooms

Guest bathrooms are treated with style starting with a wealth of tips and design ideas specifically for guest bathrooms. Choose a creative paint color in the guest bathroom. Make your guests feel right at home by accommodating all their needs, especially adding those special touches to welcome them into your home.

Special Bathroom Sizes

Whatever size bathroom you have, it can have stunning décor. All you need are a few easy design tips to get you started.

Half Bathrooms

This often neglected room can become an amazing décor with very little expense, such as adding a mirror framing kit to a plain bathroom mirror to create style and depth. Discover how exchanging a bulky cabinet sink with a pedestal sink can make a half bathroom appear larger and elegant lighting solutions for windowless half baths.

Small Bathrooms

A small bathroom can be an exciting design challenge since it forces you to step out of the box of expected designs and get creative. These smart and sophisticated solutions along with expert tips for decorating small bathrooms offer unique and timely design choices. Find great tips and browse photos on how to design these important small spaces with practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Themed Bathroom Designs

One of the easiest ways to decorate a bathroom is to select a theme.

There are many other themes, like patriotic Americana, which you can use that are fun and expressive of your personal style.

Find Easy Design Solutions

Throughout the Bathroom Design category, you'll find inspiration and new ideas that you can use and adapt to your home bathrooms from LoveToKnow's expert writers. Explore the latest bath trends and newest developments while discovering fresh approaches that can transform any bathroom project into a beautiful showcase.

Bathroom Design