10 Wonderful Bathroom Tile Paint Ideas & Guides

Stenciled Tiles

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Aren't happy with the floor tiles in your bathroom but can't afford to replace with new ones? There's an easy fix. Paint them! Follow tips and easy instructions to recreate the look of the tile you love without the cost of buying new.

This fun simple solution allows for a customized bathroom to reflect your personal style. Stencil and paint transform these large tile squares.

  1. Prep floor with tile primer.
  2. Follow stencil instructions, such as using painter's tape to secure the stencil.
  3. Use paint specifically for floor tile to begin stenciling as you would any stencil using either a stencil brush or a small foam roller.
  4. Dab or roll the paint onto your design. Be sure you line up the stencil per instructions for each pattern application.

Use more than one color or more than one shade. Select a light, medium and dark value of a blue hue for a combination that's stunning!

Contrast Color

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Tiles can be painted to feature one color by accentuating it with a contrasting background color. This will add depth to your bathroom design and provide a patterned element to an otherwise plain bathroom.

These off-white tiles are highlighted with a light gray stencil color. Other ideas include featuring two contrasting colors, such as a light brown tile with a navy blue stencil design or a striking yellow and blue combination.

  • Use one of the main colors in your bathroom decor or introduce a new color.
  • For smaller pattern, you may wish to purchase more than one stencil to speed up your process.
  • Lay out the stencils and secure according to directions and roll paint accordingly.

Be Bold and Frame It!

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Add a unique and stunning look to your painted tile floor. Frame it with a border by reversing colors.

  1. Use painter's tape to mark inside edges of your pattern border.
  2. Paint larger space inside border frame with dark-colored paint using a roller and allow to dry.
  3. Tape large stencil along border edge and begin stenciling using white paint.
  4. Remove stencil and create next one, working in rows across the bathroom to opposite side.
  5. Allow floor to dry. Remove border tape and apply new tape along inside edge to prevent overlapping larger stencil.
  6. Paint border with white paint and allow to dry.
  7. Stencil in border pattern using dark paint. Seal according to manufacturer's instructions.

This artistic technique of reversing colors with a smaller pattern gives an instant sophisticated and designer look to your bathroom.

Hand-Painted Tiles


Hand-painting tiles is another way to create unique one-of-a-kind bathroom floor tiles.

  1. Draw your design onto a piece of paper
  2. Transfer to tile using a sheet of graphite paper underneath design sheet layout.
  3. Paint over design and fill-in using a paint brush.

This technique can become tedious, so you may want to use a pattern for every other tile or simply select a few tiles to create a border or centerpiece cluster of tiles framed by solid colored tiles.

Marry Two Design Elements


Choosing the right floor tile design to paint your existing tile is very important when marrying two different period style elements in any bathroom design. This bathroom design is a mix of styles, featuring a contemporary square sink on a metal stand and a vintage footed tub centerpiece.

The white background for this tile design repeats the white wall tile, sink and inside of the tub. The pattern charcoal color repeats the same color of the bathtub feet and metal sink stand.

In addition, the small tile pattern is found in vintage bathrooms, while the stylized snowflake design is reminiscent of quilt squares. To recreate, follow these two basic but important tips:

  • Stencil in pattern using a foam roller. You may wish to purchase more than one stencil the speed up your process.
  • Use a brush to ensure the bold dark line that unifies the overall pattern style creates a wow effect!

Delft Blue Tilework


The classic Delft Blue of Dutch pottery is known around the world and the look can be recreated for your bathroom floor tiles. Select a classic design or one that you believe matches your ideal.

The key to a successful Delft Blue design is to use at least two hues of blue: one light and one medium/dark. For greater depth in your design, use three hues to represent a light, medium and dark blue.

  1. Decide which value of blue you want for each part of the pattern.
  2. Use a stencilling brush to dab the light blue into the design.
  3. Use a new brush to stencil in the medium blue.
  4. Use a third brush to stencil in the darker blue.
  5. Repeat for each stencil pattern.

Create Checkerboard Tile


If your bathroom tile is white, you can create a black and white checkerboard by painting every other tile black. You can also transform any color tile with black and white tile paint.

Whether the tiles are large or small, this can be a great pattern to use in a period style, modern, or contemporary bathroom design.

  • Use painter's tape to protect the grout lines and ensure the shape of each tile remains crisp and defined.
  • Use a foam roller for best results.
  • Work with one color and allow to dry before tackling the second color.

You aren't limited to black and white paint color choices. Go bold with unique color combos for checkerboard tiles.

Tile Pattern as Design Element


In a plain contemporary bathroom, a stenciled floor can offer a much needed design element. Consider the look you want to create with your floor design. A quatrefoil design is a great element to add to your bathroom tile.

  • Select colors that make your design a real focal point while blending in with the overall design style.
  • Choose a stencil pattern that isn't too small or too large for the space.
  • Paint with a stencil brush or foam roller.

Topping the tiles with a brightly colored rug will make the room pop!

Recreate a Floral Pattern


Find a tile pattern that you like and recreate it by painting your existing tile. You can create your own stencil or find a similar one to reinvent your bathroom tile.

This featured bathroom tile plays on the use of two flower designs, one large and one small.

  1. Create your own stencil by drawing or printing a design.
  2. Cut out part you wish to use as stencil with an X-Acto knife.
  3. Use like other stencils and paint with foam roller or stencil brush.

The two flower designs in the photo create depth in your floor tile pattern that's highly decorative and attractive.

Tinted Textured Tiles


Not only can you paint tile, you can also give the floor a textured appearance by using texture additives. These textures emulate various stone surfaces, such as sandstone, stucco, granite and others. Choose either a light, medium or coarse texture and follow the manufacturer's directions.

Create a stippling effect using paint that produces results similar to the image by doing the following:

  1. Paint tile with a base color and allow to dry.
  2. Paint a topcoat glaze.
  3. While still wet, use a brush and dab the glaze to create a textured look.
  4. Work in 2" sections while overlapping each section for a blended look.

Once you decide on the perfect bathroom design, select the tile pattern and style that will complete the look you desire and start painting!

10 Wonderful Bathroom Tile Paint Ideas & Guides